This Bentley Mulsanne Costs Rs 14 Crore And It’s Not Owned By Mukesh Ambani!

Frequently, we come across discussions about the most expensive car in India and often assume it must be owned by the wealthiest individual in the nation. However, this presumption doesn’t always hold. It’s imperative to distinguish between the most expensive car and the most expensive car collection. In the latter category, the Ambanis are undoubtedly prominent. Yet, there exist certain billionaires who possess exceptional, limited-edition variants of already exotic automobiles. Here’s a noteworthy example.

Bentley Mulsanne
Bentley Mulsanne

The Most Expensive Car in India

This intriguing revelation originates from Carenthusiastindian on Instagram. While the accuracy of this assertion cannot be definitively confirmed, the claim asserts that the title of the most expensive car in India is held by VS Reddy. Renowned as the founder and Managing Director of British Biologicals, he stands as the recipient of a staggering 52 National and International Awards. His company stands as the pioneer in manufacturing scientifically substantiated nutritional supplements, ethically distributed through the medical community. According to the recent post, Reddy is purportedly the owner of the Bentley Mulsanne EWB Centenary Edition, a vehicle commanding an astonishing Rs 14 Crore. Notably, sources indicate that a mere 100 units of this exceptional edition were produced globally, undoubtedly solidifying its status as one of the most exclusive and rare vehicles across the globe.

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Bentley is renowned for crafting some of the most opulent and lavish automobiles globally, a reputation that extends even to their standard models. Beneath the hood of this luxurious vehicle resides a prodigious 6.75-liter V8 engine, commanding an impressive output of 506 hp and an astonishing 1,020 Nm of peak power and torque. Mated to an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox, this powertrain propels the opulent sedan from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 5.5 seconds, while achieving an awe-inspiring top speed of 296 km/h. The Extended Wheelbase (EWB) edition further guarantees an abundance of space for rear-seat passengers, epitomizing opulence and comfort.

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