Everything You Need To Know About Tom Cruise Sister- Marian Mapother

Everything You Need To Know About Tom Cruise Sister- Marian Mapother

Marian Mapother gained recognition as one of Tom Cruise’s three sisters. She is employed as a real estate agent at Clearwater Real Estate in Florida.

Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Marian Mapother
  • First Name: Marian
  • Last Name: Mapother
  • Date of Birth: 1961
  • Profession: Celebrity Sibling
  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Country: United States
  • Father Name: Thomas Mapother III
  • Father Profession: Electrical engineer
  • Mother Name: Mary Lee Pfeiffer
  • Gender Identity: Female
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • No Of Children: 1
  • Siblings: Tom Cruise, Lee Ann Mapother, and Cass Mapother

Tom’s initial option was not to act.

Tom was raised in a deeply religious home, devoted to Catholicism, attending daily mass. Initially drawn to the priesthood, he later shifted gears. Wrestling caught his interest until a serious knee injury dashed those hopes.

Acting emerged as his new pursuit, marking a pivotal turning point. Though he aimed for a decade-long career milestone, his trajectory accelerated, propelling him to stardom within six years. Tom swiftly ascended to become one of Hollywood’s biggest names, thanks to his string of blockbuster hits.

Life after marriage

Marian, now known as Marian Henry after marriage, has chosen to keep her personal life discreet. While the exact date of her marriage remains undisclosed, she and her partner have a child together. Despite her social media presence, Marian hasn’t shared any pictures of her husband. Their union blessed them with a child named Cal.

Cal, Marian’s son, serves as the guitarist in the band WD HAN (We Don’t Have A Name), which he co-founded with two friends. The band has received numerous opportunities through ReverbNation. Cal has been happily married to Marjorye Henry, who also happens to be the band’s manager, since February 20, 2006.

Her parents’ tumultuous relationship

Marian was born to Thomas Cruise Mapother III and Mary Lee Mapother, later marrying South. Her parents’ tumultuous relationship ended in divorce in 1974, marked by her father’s violent behavior. Tom, her brother, characterized their father as a bully, coward, and instigator of chaos, someone who’d abandon their children when things went awry. In 1978, Marian’s mother wed Jack South, who embraced all her children wholeheartedly.

Jack played a pivotal role in supporting Tom’s acting aspirations, becoming a significant figure in his life. However, their marriage ended in 2010, considered unsuccessful. Unfortunately, all three are deceased.

Marian’s father succumbed to cancer in 1984, her stepfather passed away in 2015 after battling chronic illness, and her mother passed away in February 2017 after an extended period of declining health.

An extremely close bond with siblings

Marian shares a close bond with her brother Tom and her sisters Cass Capazoria and Lee Anne Gillotte. Tom’s tight relationship with his three sisters stemmed from his early struggles with dyslexia, enduring mockery from peers.

He even received lessons on kissing. Tom fiercely protected his sisters, going as far as scrutinizing her sister’s boyfriend upon meeting him. Lee Anne, Tom’s sister, initially served as his agent and later became involved with a production company. Cass runs “Cass’s Café” in New Jersey.

The siblings currently reside in a lavish Scientology apartment spanning the third, fourth, and fifth floors, with Tom occupying the eighth and ninth floors.

The whole family is a fervent Scientologist.

The entire family is deeply committed to Scientology. Cass leads the OT Institution, an academy linked to Scientology courses. Marian, her son Cal, and daughter-in-law Marjorye are also devoted Scientologists, having formed Chmm LLC. Greg Capazorio, Cass’s husband, heads Criminon International, a Scientology organization. After her mother’s passing, she received a Scientology funeral held at the local Church of Scientology.

Net worth

Marian and her siblings were brought up in poverty, but they currently enjoy a life of luxury. While Marian’s net worth remains undisclosed, her brother Tom, a multi-millionaire, boasts a known net worth. As of January 2024, Marian Mapother’s estimated net worth stands at $600 million.


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