Top 5 most popular cars for businessmen

Reliability, quality and reputation are fundamental criteria for a successful business. Business people choose their cars according to the same principle. Let’s find out what a business class car should be like and suggest the best car models for people from the business world.

Business class car – selection criteria

Business class cars are also called the upper middle class, which falls just a little short of the executive segment. They combine seemingly incompatible parameters – luxury and affordable cost. 

Distinctive characteristics of cars for business travelers:

1. Reliability. Engines, all systems and mechanisms of the car work without fail. Such a car will not let you down at the most inopportune moment and will not disrupt your plans. 

2. Safety. Business class cars are stable on the road. As a rule, they are equipped with an impressive package of active safety systems and driving assistants.

3. Comfort. This is a spacious interior with thoughtful organization of space, comfortable dashboard, electric actuators, climate control, modern multimedia system and others. It is also a large luggage compartment, which will be useful if you often have to go on business trips.

4. Prestige. We are talking about models of well-known brands, style, representative design.

Cars in this segment are expensive in the showroom, but there is always a bargain and savings option, such as you can buy used cars at PLC Auction.

Top business class cars

The best used business class autos that you can buy at car auctions at an affordable price:

1. Toyota Camry.

2. Volkswagen Arteon.

3. Audi A6.

4. Lexus ES 200.

5. Mercedes-Benz S 350.

Toyota Camry

At the beginning of our rating is a real legend – the Toyota Camry sedan, which has become a bestseller all over the world and has been breaking sales records for many years. The car confidently leads in many parameters – safety, technology, reliability, level of equipment, comfort. 

The exterior of the sedan looks both elegant and sporty, which gives it a special charm. Under the hood can be a productive engine 2.5 liters or 3.5 liters (176-301 hp) The model has successfully passed Euro NCAP crash tests and received 5 stars. Standard equipment includes power windows for rear and front windows, ABS and ESP, 2-zone climate control, heated seats and windshield.

Volkswagen Arteon

The Arteon liftback, if you exclude the crossover lineup, can be considered the flagship model of Volkswagen. The manufacturer positions it not only as a status car for businessmen, but also as a powerful, comfortable vehicle for tourist trips. 

What’s inside? A steering wheel with touch-sensitive control buttons, touch-sensitive control of the 3-zone climate control system, spaciousness and comfort for all passengers and the driver. The luggage compartment with folded rear row of seats reaches the volume of 1557 liters, it can carry even long cargo. 

Under the hood, several powertrain options are offered: gasoline engines 2 liters, 190 and 280 hp, diesel – 2 liters, 150 and 200 hp. Modifications with front and all-wheel drive are also available. In the most complete configuration are available options such as a panoramic roof, surround-view cameras, massage function in the front seats, adaptive cruise control, a full package of electronic aides.

Audi A6

Audi has given the buyer a choice by releasing the A6 in different body styles – sporty crossover, SUV and coupe. These cars were created so that you can get maximum comfort and pleasure from driving. 

A6 has a great stuffing – innovative multimedia system with perfect navigation, luxurious interior, a full package of security systems (both active and passive), powerful productive motor 333 hp, capable of accelerating the car to a hundred in just 5 seconds. Such a car will appeal to people with an active life position, who are not used to standing still, striving to conquer new peaks and horizons. 

Lexus ES 200

The popular ES 200 sedan is built on the same platform as the Toyota Camry. It is equipped with front-wheel drive, 2-liter 150 hp engine, 6-speed automatic transmission.

The sedan has a predatory design, and inside is decorated in the best traditions of Japanese minimalism – when everything is simple, comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Smooth lines prevail in the structure of the dashboard. The panel itself has several levels, where both indicators of devices and a touch panel of multimedia system are organically entered. Inside the car there is a lot of space in front and for rear row passengers. 

Already in the base configuration, the sedan is equipped with 10 airbags, front and rear parktronic, cruise control, keyless entry system, numerous electronic aids, emergency braking system, etc.

Mercedes-Benz S 350

Rear-wheel drive sedan Mercedes-Benz S 350 takes a worthy place in the rating of business class cars. It has no equal in terms of reliability and safety. Like any other model of the brand, S 350 has modern and high-quality equipment, a large set of functions in the basic configuration, excellent internal equipment. It is a multirole with telescopic adjustment, with buttons for controlling the multimedia system, which is very convenient. It is comfortable seats with lumbar support and comfortable armrests. It is keyless entry, power windows and climate control.

The S 350 demonstrates excellent dynamic characteristics. With a powerful 3.7-liter engine (245 hp), it can reach speeds of up to 246 km/h and accelerates to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds.


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