Tracksuit Revolution: From Sporty Staples to Fashion Statements

A tracksuit is a piece if clothing that consists of a jacket with front zipper and  a trouser. It was initially designed as a sports attire and athletes used to wear it. However, in the latest era it is used as a fashion statement by both men and women. With time, many changes occur in fashion, so, one must stay updated so that he has enough information regarding the contemporary fashion. Therefore, in this article we will discuss about modern tracksuit outfits for men.

How to style tracksuit for different occasions? 

As there have been a great revolution in the fashion statement and tracksuit have been given great importance as it represents one’s personality and it is not only a sport wear anymore. It is a trending outfit that can be worn at different occasions to present oneself.

  • First of all, select the right tracksuit for yourself. Never choose a tracksuit that is too tight or too loose for your body. Next, go for a breathable tracksuit made of cotton and nylon. Lastly, the colour of your costume must be appealing and according to your skin tone and design.
  • For a night out or a casual look your can pair your tracksuit with a trendy t-shirt and sneakers as a tracksuit is a comfortable yet stylish men’s clothing. 
  • Moreover, a tracksuit can be worn to gym as it gives a sassy gym look. 
  • You can get a formal look by pairing it with dress shoes and a dress shirt.
  • Styling of the tracksuit includes wearing a t-shirt or a tank top beneath the jacket. 
  • If you want to make yourself warm, you can wear a hoodie or a sweater over the jacket it will also look elegant and classy. 
  • You can make yourself look wonderful by using accessories that complement your tracksuit. The accessories include: sunglasses, sneakers, hats and backpacks. You can also wear a watch for a fancy look.
  • You can style your outfit by contrasting two colours as well. For instance, you can wear a navy blue tracksuit that has red strips paired with red shoes and it will elevate your street look.
  • One of the ways of styling is to wear the jacket of the tracksuit with jeans, trousers or shorts as it a versatile piece of clothing and can effortlessly be paired with anything.

These are a few dressed up tracksuit looks that one can adopt regularly and create a bang at certain occasions. 

How can I buy a good tracksuit? 

A guide to buying a good tracksuit includes the following points: 

  • breathable fabric 
  • moisture wicking fabric 
  • long lasting and durable material 
  • good fitting, that allows easy movement 
  • style and colour that suits ones personality

What are the different fabric types available for tracksuit? 

The tracksuits are available in a variety of fabrics in market which makes it elevated athleisure for men. Let’s have a look at them: 


It is an excellent material for sportswear as it is flexible and allows easy movements, durable, strong, and easy to wash. 


Polyester is a manmade fabric and is created in labs under a scientific process. It is also great for tracksuit as it stretchable, moisture wicking, comfortable, durable and it is also wrinkle free. 


It is made of cotton plant which soft and fluffy. It is a highly comfortable material and breathable. Moreover, it is affordable and easily washable in machine. 

In cold weather you can go for tracksuits made of wool, silk and spandex to keep you warm and comfortable. Whereas in summer cotton, polyester and nylon are ideal fabrics. 

 Many brands have the stylish tracksuits available for you, so when you want yourself to look bold and modern give a try to tracksuit to slay like a pro.


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