TVS Raider 125 and Honda SP 125: Which one you should buy?

The Honda SP 125 and the TVS Raider are two options to consider if you’re in the market for a mileage bike for yourself. The next update will provide specifics on the design, specifications, and powertrain of both motorcycles.

TVS Raider 125 and Honda SP 125 look

Newest Honda motorcycle The Honda SP 125 features an LED headlamp, a digital instrument cluster, a chromed heatshield, side-mounted exhaust, a single-piece seat, and a body-colored pillion grab rail. There are five color options for this bike.

TVS Raider, on the other hand, features a digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity, LED lighting, side-mounted exhaust, and split-style seats.

TVS Raider 125 and Honda SP 125
TVS Raider 125 and Honda SP 125

TVS Raider 125 and Honda SP 125 Features

The Honda SP 125 has a combination braking system, front disc/drum brakes, and rear drum brakes for superior stopping power and control.

Yet, the same synchronized braking technology is available for the TVS Raider. Both bicycles include adjustable front suspension by means of telescopic forks. The monoshocks in the back are gas-charged and have five settings, and the springs are of the hydraulic variety.

TVS Raider 125 and Honda SP 125 wheelbase

Honda’s SP 125 has a fuel tank capacity of 11.2 liters, a curb weight of 116 kilograms, and a wheelbase of 1285 millimeters. The raider, on the other hand, can carry 10 liters of petrol and has a wheelbase of 1326 millimeters.

TVS Raider 125 and Honda SP 125 Engine

The maximum power and torque of the Honda SP 125’s 123.9cc 4-stroke engine are 10.7 horsepower and 10.9 Newton-meters, respectively.

However, TVS offers a 124.8cc air-and-oil cooled engine in the TVS Raider, which produces a peak of 15.3hp and a peak of 11.2Nm of torque. Both motorcycles feature a 5-speed transmission.

TVS Raider 125 and Honda SP 125 Price

Honda’s SP 125 motorcycle has an ex-showroom price tag of between Rs 85,131 and Rs 89,131.

TVS Raider, on the other hand, has a price tag of between Rs 86,803 and Rs 1 lakh (about $2,000 and $3,000).

Both motorcycles have many similarities. The Honda SP 125 outperforms the TVS Raider thanks to its superior design and increased number of safety measures. It is also reasonably priced.

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