Unlocking the Potential of MCTs: A Comprehensive Guide to Medium-Chain Triglycerides and Wellness

New Post and Link – we are looking to get the content and link(s) provided published as a new post on the website requested. If you accept this offer, you will be required to follow the below set of instructions unless otherwise stated in the Special Instructions.

  • Post must be placed as a new post on the site, ideally on the homepage. If it is placed in a main category page, it must be easily located from the homepage. It should not be placed on an orphan page.
  • Post will need to be indexed, so it should not be placed on any pages or within any subdomains that have a No Index tag.
  • Post and Link(s) must remain live on the website for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Link(s) must have the exact Link Text and Destination URL provided unless otherwise stated in the Special Instructions.
  • The Advertiser’s name should not be used in the Title, Permalink, or within any disclosures, unless otherwise noted in the Special Instructions.
  • If we have provided content for you to use, you can:
    • Place the article ‘as is’ on your site
    • Edit the article so that it fits better in your voice
    • Create your own article, as long it is of equal or greater quality and length than the article we provided.
  • If we did not provide content, please create a new article that:
    • Is relevant to the Advertiser’s Destination URL.
    • Is at least 500 words long.
    • Naturally fits the Advertiser’s link within the content.
  • Additionally, please feel free to include images, links to internal pages on your site, and links to articles on other sites that provide value for your readers.
  • If using a photo for an author bio, it MUST be original. If it is not original, DO NOT USE, or reject this job. We reserve the right to not accept any posts with unoriginal photos.
  • Please make sure to complete the job before the Deadline provided. If you cannot complete in within that timeframe, you can request an extension, but there is no guarantee that we can approved that. Therefore, you should not accept a job if you know you cannot meet the deadline.


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