Unveiling The Evolution Of Lux Body Washes: From Ancient Ingredients To Modern Formulations

In 1923, the Lux soap was first released to make a luxurious getaway available for all. The soap provided a mixture of herbal ingredients that made bathing a soothing affair every time, with an exotic aroma lasting a long time. The soaps gradually became the popular range of Lux body wash that we all know and love. These concoctions are available for every need, whether you want to detox or rejuvenate your skin with a combination of neroli oil, honeysuckle, or any other ingredient. 

Each body cleanser has a unique factor, but their core blend remains the same. In this post, we will cover a range of modern and ancient ingredients involved in making these blends and dive into the formulation process. Understand how your preferred cleanser rebalances your skin and keeps you smelling fresh for long hours.

Lux Body Wash: A Perfect Blend of Modern Formulations and Natural Ingredients

Body cleansers combine the natural and modern ingredients below to deliver a fragrant concoction you can regularly use for your bath. 

Water, The Base Ingredient

Every body wash formula has around 60%-70% water since it dissolves and carries the other ingredients. Distilled, deionised, or purified water used to create the cleanser makes it safe and effective while limiting all impurities. 

Creating the Preferred Texture with Thickening Agents

Thickening agents achieve a smooth and even gel-like texture in body wash. They bring out the desired consistency in the creations, and some of the commonly used agents include hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC), guar gum, and xanthan gum. The right thickening agent is picked by considering emulsifiers, surfactants, pH levels, feel and viscosity.

Surfactants, the Cleansing Agents

Surfactants are the cleaning agents used in every body wash since these substances have both lipophilic and hydrophilic properties. These permit the ingredient to break down oils, dirt, and impurities and rinse it all in water. Some common surfactants used in body cleansers include sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), decyl glucoside, and cocamidopropyl betaine. A mixture of secondary and primary surfactants is used in the cleansers to get optimal cleansing, foaming, and skin compatibility. 

Get Softer Skin with Conditioning Agents

Conditioning agents help you get silky and soft skin after a bath. These substances counteract the drying effects of the surfactants and keep your skin supple and moisturised. Some of the common conditioning agents include quaternium-80, cationic guar gum, and hydrolysed proteins. When picking a conditioning agent, the Lux formulators consider the desired softening and compatibility with other ingredients. 

Mixing Oil and Water with Emulsifiers

Emulsifiers combine water and oil-based ingredients that do not generally mix well. They create stable emulsions that ensure consistent texture, performance, and appearance in every body wash. Some of the common emulsifiers include polyglyceryl-4 laurate, glyceryl oleate, and ceteareth-20. The right emulsifier is picked after considering the target consistency and ingredient compatibility. 

Going Natural with Ancient Essential Oils and Fragrances

Lux body cleansers always have some essential oils and fragrances to deliver therapeutic benefits and pleasant aromas with every use. Some essential oils and natural fragrances commonly used include geranium, fig extract, neroli oil, honeysuckle, tea tree oil, jasmine extract, rare black orchids, wild peony, ylang, and more.  

Maintaining Product Stability and Shelf Life with Preservatives

Preservatives are necessary for body cleansers since they maintain the product’s shelf life, stability, and safety. They prevent potential skin irritations, spoilage, and the growth of harmful microbes. Formulators carefully consider the concentration and type of preservatives to ensure that the concoction is safeguarded without causing sensitisation or skin irritation. 

A Step-by-Step Guide on Lux Body Wash Formulation Process

The Lux body formula is made using a step-by-step process that delivers the final product. Below are all the steps used to get the desired results. 

Step 1: Determining the Target Formulation

Formulators first decide what concoction they will create and what it will include. Some factors considered for this include cost-effectiveness, conditioning and cleaning functions. This step consists of understanding the several consumer preferences and the unique needs of varied skin types while prioritising its innovation and aesthetic appeal. 

Step 2: Gathering and Measuring the Ingredients

A list of all the needed ingredients is collected with the target formulation in mind. These ingredients include natural, high-quality ancient and therapeutic ingredients that will bring out the desired product characteristics. The components are then measured carefully to make an effective and consistent Lux product. 

Step 3: Blending and Mixing Methods

The ingredients are all blended using equipment that systematically mixes all combinations and properties. For instance, the water-soluble ingredients are mixed separately from the oil-soluble ones before adding the emulsifier. The concoction is blended thoroughly to get a stable and uniform emulsion, which adds to the cleaner’s quality. 

Step 4: pH Adjusting and Balancing

The formula’s pH level plays a significant role in maintaining the body cleanser’s performance, stability, and skin compatibility. The pH is sometimes adjusted using sodium hydroxide or citric acid to keep it skin-friendly. 

Step 5: Packaging and Labeling

Once the formula is successfully made, it is packaged in convenient containers, which are then labelled and shipped around the world.


Lux offers quality body washes at an affordable price for several skin types. These cleansers will help you achieve the glamour, femininity, and beauty you desire while making you smell divine every day. Buy Lux products to experience skin-loving textures and formulas that leave you with a long-lasting scent and make your skin glow. The fragrance of these body washes will delight your senses all day and transform bath time into a self-care moment. 

These cleansers were made to emulate the costly French soaps, but now they have their characteristics of bringing a unique combination of delight for every preference and taste. Pick your unique blend of Lux body washes that enhance your self-expression and character, boost your confidence, and make you feel great daily. 


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