Wedding Ready: Suit Inspiration for Grooms and Groomsmen

Your wedding day calls for looking sharp and sophisticated. For grooms and groomsmen, finding the perfect suit is essential for the occasion. Whether you seek a classic look or a modern twist, today’s suits offer endless styling possibilities. Start your “men suit near me” search with these inspirations to look wedding photo-ready:

Go for a Custom Suit

Consider visiting mens suit stores for a customized suit tailored specifically to your measurements. With a custom suit, you can select from various fabrics, colors, lapels, buttons and other design elements for a one-of-a-kind look. A tailored suit will complement your body shape perfectly. Just leave ample time for fittings.

Choose a Stylish Color

Step beyond basic black and charcoal suits by sporting a trendy color like midnight blue or sleek gray. For a more daring move, check out burgundy, olive green, lighter blue or textured fabric suits. Pair colored suits with neutral shirts and ties to let the hue pop. Visit mens suits stores near me to browse color options.

Experiment with Patterns & Textures

Incorporate some flair into your wedding suit with unique patterns and fabric textures. Herringbone, tweed, seersucker and linen offer appealing visual and tactile interest. Consider smaller patterns like check or plaid rather than loud paisleys. Subtle patterns still make a statement without overwhelming.

Go for Peak or Notch Lapels

The lapel style makes a significant impact on suit appearance. Peak lapels have angled “peaks” while notch lapels have downturned flaps. Peak lapels convey a sleek, retro vibe, while notched lapels read more modern and minimalist. Choose lapel aesthetic based on your style vision.

Accessorize with a Vest

Adding a matching vest gives your wedding suit outfit more layered sophistication. Opt for a traditional single-breasted vest or double-breasted option. Vests with subtle patterns also lend visual appeal. Complete the vest look with a pocket square for extra flair.

Pick Statement Cufflinks

Cufflinks offer one of the easiest ways to showcase your personality. Engraved, monogrammed or ornate cufflinks make your suit outfit feel special and elegant. Pick cufflinks featuring your hobbies or wedding date. Just steer clear of novelty cufflinks unfit for weddings.

Choose Complementary Ties

Don’t overlook your tie choice. Ties in colors and patterns that coordinate with your overall suit will polish the look. Ties featuring thicker fabrics like knits also work for modern weddings. The knot style also impacts your vibe. Opt for less bulky knots like the Nicky knot.

Find a Unique Men’s Sport Jacket

If you want to break from tradition, replace the suit jacket with a stylish mens sports jacket or blazer. Opt for a two-button wool blazer in blue or gray herringbone. Add flare with elbow patches and unique buttons. Just ensure your sport jacket coordinates with the suit pants.


Choosing the right suit for your wedding day is an opportunity to demonstrate your personal fashion statement. Whether you like classic and elegant or modern and bold, today’s suit offerings have something for everyone. Visit Karako suit couple of months ahead of your wedding in order to allow time for tailoring and alterations. With some smart choices, you and your dudes will be stylish, confident and wedding photo ready. The suit you choose forms the basis of the best look you can achieve while you step into a new journey.


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