What are the best things that you should do in the city of Hyderabad?

Hyderabad will be suddenly on the top of the list whenever you are interested in covering the major cities of India. This particular city very well comes with the optimum combination of rich history and modern-day influence over it so that you can easily have a sweet relief on the upcoming trip. Planning a trip to the city and considering booking rooms in resorts in Hyderabad is definitely worth it and the following are some of the best things to do in this city:

  1. Enjoying the mouthwatering street food at the Pragati Gali: This is one of the most iconic things that you can do in the city because this particular place is basically a hub of street food. Anybody who loves street food will be definitely witnessing the best of the options over here and further trying the options like South Indian dishes based upon dosa, Idli and uttapam is definitely worth it over here. Whenever you wake up from a nap on Saturday morning it is definitely advisable for you to head straight to this place so that you can have the best of the breakfast of your life with a refreshing cup of tea or coffee as per your preferences.
  2. Planning to watch the light and sound show at the Golconda Fort: Another very important thing that you can carry out in this particular city is to watch the light and sound show at the Golconda Fort because this is the most important activity you can carry out to enjoy the historical perspective. In this, you will be learning about Hyderabad and its past glory through this story which has been rated by Mr Amitabh Bachchan himself. This is also very welcome combined with the soulful music from Jagjit Singh playing in the background and planning a visit to this place is definitely worth it so that you can perfectly take a walk down the memory line very successfully. 
  3. Planning to go for the heritage trail: Hyderabad trail is a leading community that will be organizing some of the best tourism walks for tourists and locals who are interested in experiencing the glorious history of the city on foot. These weekend trail options are definitely a perfect opportunity for utilizing your time and are one of the most important options for witnessing the best heritage sites in Hyderabad. Hence, planning to book your heritage walk is definitely worth it so that you can enjoy the best trip in this city.
  4. Spending the day at the Lotus Pond: This place is exactly situated in the heart of the city and is one of the most iconic places to be covered in Hyderabad. This will remain filled with people who come here to breathe the refreshing air and enjoy a picnic at the open spot. Further to avoid the element of crowd, going here early in the morning is definitely worth it so that you can enjoy the environment up to the fullest and eventually have the best possible experience in this city without any proper.
  5. Capturing the city escape from the Maula Ali Dargah: Another very beautiful thing you can carry out in Hyderabad is to enjoy the amazing architecture which is all because of the Nizami influence on it. So, planning a visit to the Maula Ali Dargah and witnessing the cityscape view in this particular case is definitely worth it so that you can enjoy the mesmerizing landscape of the city. The beautiful panoramic view of the city will be keeping you genuinely hooked and the best part is that you will never be feeling to leave this place at night.
  6. Going shopping at Begum Bazar: Another very interesting activity you can carry out in the city of Hyderabad as a retail therapy is shopping at Begum Bazar. This particular place is basically a paradise for people who are interested in indulging in shopping because the area is perfectly filled with white markets which are perfectly selling almost everything. This is one of the major reasons why tourists and local people are interested in visiting this place because you will be getting everything from the fashion accessories to the kitchen accessories without any doubt. 
  7. Experiencing the iconic Charminar in different lights: Another very beautiful activity that you can carry out in this particular city is to experience the iconic Charminar in multiple categories of lights because during the daytime and at night there will be nothing more peaceful than this. Imagining the entire structure lit up with multiple lights and with minimal traffic around it will be definitely worth it and will be leaving awestruck in the whole process. In this way, people can have the best-in-class experience in the city of Hyderabad
  8. Planning to go for the long drive along the Necklace Road: The Queen’s Necklace is a very famous stretch in Mumbai and inspired by this particular name there is a road which is serving as the mode of long drives in the city of Hyderabad. In this case, you can easily enjoy the sight of the fantastic boulevard which overlooks the Lake and you will be having the perfect experience without any problem in this city in terms of night drive.
  9. Ramoji Film City: No doubt this is the most attractive destination in the city of Hyderabad and is one of its kind attractions which is holding the distinction of being the largest studio complex in the world. Film City has been highly successfully featured in a good number of Indian movies and even the blockbuster movie Baahubali was extensively shot over here. You can easily go for exploring the artificial and natural attractions present in this place which will be providing you with the perfect experience in itself and this is a must-visit place in the city of Hyderabad.

So, to explore every nook and corner of the city, it is very important for people to stay in the resorts in Hyderabad so that everyone can have the perfect experience and further enjoy the authentic appeal of the city very successfully.


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