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Where to Download the Latest Version of Megapari Android App?

Megapari is a world-class bookmaker that has already gained worldwide popularity, including in India. Platform offers many betting options – traditional sports and esports, virtual sports and casino games. Megapari app is available for iOS and Android users. The bookmaker has an international license issued by the government of Curaçao, so you can not worry about the security of your money and personal data.

Where to Download the Megapari Mobile Application?

At the moment, you can download the Megapari app only from the official website. This will avoid problems with receiving an informal program or other errors. APK file is in a special section of the site. It also publishes information about current versions and technical specifications.

Download Megapari APK for Android

Check out the simple step-by-step instructions below to learn how to properly download and complete the procedure of installing the mobile version of Megapari for Android. This is necessary for the application to be installed and run correctly. Therefore, you should do the following:

  1. Go to the official website of the Megapari app for Android;
  2. Make sure that the option of downloading files from unknown sources is enabled by going into the settings of your Android device, since then you can download apk;
  3. Complete the download process. Find the area for mobile apps, then click on the appropriate download option to get Megapari apk;
  4. Confirm the download of the Megapari app;
  5. Install apk by clicking on the file in the notification bar or finding it in the device store after downloading. After that, simply finish the installation procedure, and everything is ready.

How to Upgrade Megapari App to the Latest Version?

The Megapari app can be easily upgraded to the latest version. There are two ways to complete the process: reinstall the application or upgrade it. To update the downloaded application, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the app. You can launch Megapari by clicking on the site icon on the display of your device;
  2. Update the app. You will be asked to update the app every time a new version is released. You only have to click the update button and wait for it to finish;
  3. Restart the application. The application should automatically close and open again. Run it again to update if it is not already updated;
  4. Update for your Megapari mobile app installed.

How to Upgrade Megapari App to the Latest Version in the Second Way?

Another alternative to upgrading the Megapari mobile application is to reboot it. This method is often preferred if the installation has been damaged in any way. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Delete the application. Select the “Applications” tab in your device settings. Uninstall the Megapari application from the computer, and then proceed to the next step;
  2. Download the app. As before, use your browser and go to the Megapari website to download the app. This time the update should be installed and available;
  3. Install the app. Click on the installation file after you find it;
  4. Complete the installation. To start the installation process, simply click the button and run it at the end;
  5. You have completed the installation of the Megapari app update.


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