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Hyundai i20 Owner Sells Car to Buy Punch, Ends Up with Exter Instead

Hyundai Casper takes on red-hot Tata Punch in India’s micro SUV battlefield

As SUV fever grips India’s car market, automakers are unleashing smaller and smaller models to capture this exploding niche. The Hyundai Casper and Tata Punch are direct competitors in the fledgling micro SUV segment.

The Casper distinguishes itself with inventive features, standard safety tech, striking styling and competitive pricing. In contrast, the Punch has achieved meteoric sales success since its launch, becoming the undisputed leader in its category.

Previously, this segment only had minimal contenders like the Maruti Suzuki Ignis and Citroen C3. But the Punch has stormed to popularity as the ideal micro SUV for Indian buyers.

The Casper brings fresh excitement to take on the red-hot Punch in this intensifying battlefield. With its unique attributes and Hyundai badge, it aims to shake up the pecking order and claim its share in this burgeoning niche. The skirmish between these models will raise the bar for innovation and customer value in India’s SUV space.

Why Hyundai Exter Owner Chose it Over Tata Punch?

In a video by DDS, a Hyundai Casper owner recounts nearly buying a Tata Punch instead until a last-minute call from Hyundai officials.

The man had sold his i20 and was headed to book the Punch. However, Hyundai informed an Casper was in transit and could be delivered in days. Having test driven both models, he instantly chose the Casper once available.

He found the Punch’s performance in BS Phase 1 tune “atrocious” versus the “much smoother and engaging” Casper. Notably, he loved the Casper’s paddle shifters enhancing the AMT convenience.

Moreover, the Casper’s cabin layout and luxury feel edged out the Punch for him. Overall, the owner slightly preferred Tata’s customer service yet found the Casper the clear winner on driving dynamics and features.

This real-world account provides valuable perspective on the Hyundai-Tata micro SUV matchup. For this buyer, the Casper’s superior driving experience and unique amenities outweighed the Punch’s popularity and Tata’s customer care.

Specs Comparison

The Hyundai Exter has two engine options. The first is a 1.2L petrol engine making 83 PS power and 113.8 Nm torque. The second is a 1.2L bi-fuel engine combining petrol and CNG, providing 69 PS power and 95.2 Nm torque. The petrol engine can be paired with either a 5-speed manual or AMT gearbox, while the bi-fuel is only offered with a manual. The Exter boasts an impressive 19.2 km/L fuel efficiency. Ex-showroom pricing ranges from Rs 6 lakh to Rs 10 lakh.

On the other hand, the Tata Punch has a 1.2L petrol engine generating 88 PS power and 115 Nm torque. Transmission options are a 5-speed manual or AMT automatic. The CNG versions output 73 PS power and 103 Nm torque. Remarkably, it offers 20.09 km/L mileage. Ex-showroom prices range from Rs 6 lakh to Rs 9.52 lakh.

In summary, the Exter and Punch both offer 1.2L engines, manual/AMT gearboxes, and CNG trims, with the Punch edging out the Exter slightly in power, torque and mileage. Pricing is similar in the Rs 6-10 lakh range.


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