Kawasaki z400 Price in India, Colors, Mileage, Features, Specs and Competitors

Introducing the Kawasaki Z400, a thrilling machine that embodies the spirit of pure excitement and sporty performance. With its sleek design, agile handling, and spirited power, the Z400 is a motorcycle that demands attention and ignites a passion for riding.

Prepare to be captivated by its captivating looks. The Z400 boasts a sleek and aggressive design that commands the road. From its muscular fuel tank to the sharp lines and stylish LED headlights, every element is crafted to exude confidence and turn heads wherever you go. This is a motorcycle that effortlessly stands out from the crowd.

Kawasaki z400 Price in India

The Kawasaki Z400 is expected to be priced at around Rs. 4.5 lakh in India.

Kawasaki z400
Kawasaki z400

Kawasaki z400 Variants

Here is a table of the estimated prices for the Kawasaki Z400 in India:

Variant Price (Ex-showroom, Delhi)
Standard Rs. 4.5 lakh
ABS Rs. 4.75 lakh
ABS with Traction Control Rs. 5.0 lakh

Kawasaki z400 Colors

here are the colors available for the Kawasaki Z400 without images:

  • Metallic Spark Black
  • Metallic Graphite Gray
  • Candy Lime Green
  • Candy Cardinal Red
  • Metallic Flat Spark
  • Candy Steel Furnace Orange

The Kawasaki Z400 is a great-looking motorcycle that is available in a variety of colors to suit your taste. Whether you want a sleek and sporty look or a more traditional look, the Z400 has a color for you.

Here is a brief description of each color:

  • Metallic Spark Black: This is the standard color for the Z400. It is a sleek and sporty black that looks great on the bike.
  • Metallic Graphite Gray: This is a more subdued gray color that is still stylish and modern.
  • Candy Lime Green: This is a bright and eye-catching green color that is sure to turn heads.
  • Candy Cardinal Red: This is a deep and rich red color that is perfect for those who want a more traditional look.
  • Metallic Flat Spark: This is a matte black color that has a more raw and unfinished look.
  • Candy Steel Furnace Orange: This is a new color for the 2023 Z400. It is a bright and vibrant orange that is sure to stand out from the crowd.

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Kawasaki z400 Mileage

The Kawasaki Z400 has an ARAI-claimed mileage of 26 kmpl. This is the mileage that has been tested and certified by the Automotive Research Association of India. However, it is important to note that actual mileage may vary depending on a number of factors, including riding conditions, rider weight, and the type of fuel used.

Here are some tips for improving the mileage of your Kawasaki Z400:

  • Avoid riding in stop-and-go traffic. This is when the engine is working the hardest and will consume the most fuel.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated. Underinflated tires will create more drag, which will reduce fuel efficiency.
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary weight. Every extra kilogram will reduce your bike’s fuel economy.
  • Use the right gear. Riding in a higher gear will help to reduce engine RPMs and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Be smooth with your throttle. Accelerating and decelerating smoothly will help to conserve fuel.
  • Service your bike regularly. A well-maintained bike will be more fuel-efficient.

Kawasaki z400 Top-speed

The Kawasaki Z400 has a top speed of 112 mph.

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Kawasaki z400 Dimensions

  • Overall length: 78.3 inches (1990 mm)
  • Overall width: 31.5 inches (800 mm)
  • Overall height: 41.5 inches (1055 mm)
  • Seat height: 30.9 inches (785 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 53.9 inches (1370 mm)
  • Ground clearance: 4.7 inches (120 mm)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 gallons (14 liters)
  • Dry weight: 364 pounds (165 kg)

Kawasaki z400 Features

The Kawasaki Z400 is a sporty and agile motorcycle that offers a thrilling riding experience. Here are some of the key features and characteristics of the Kawasaki Z400:

  1. Engine: The Z400 is powered by a liquid-cooled, 399cc parallel-twin engine. This fuel-injected engine delivers strong performance with smooth power delivery and responsive acceleration.
  2. Lightweight Design: The Z400 features a lightweight chassis, making it agile and easy to maneuver. It is designed to provide excellent handling and nimble performance, making it suitable for both urban riding and spirited cornering.
  3. Stylish Design: The Z400 showcases a modern and aggressive design inspired by its larger sibling, the Kawasaki Z series. It features sharp lines, a muscular fuel tank, and a sleek tail section, giving it a sporty and dynamic appearance.
  4. Ergonomics: The Z400 offers a comfortable riding position with an upright seating posture and mid-set footpegs. This ergonomic design allows for an optimal balance of comfort and control, whether you’re commuting or enjoying a weekend ride.
  5. Suspension: The motorcycle is equipped with a balanced suspension system. It features a telescopic front fork and a bottom-link Uni-Trak rear suspension, providing a smooth and controlled ride over various road surfaces.
  6. Braking System: The Z400 comes with a capable braking system that includes a single front disc and a rear disc brake. This setup offers reliable stopping power and precise control, enhancing rider confidence and safety.
  7. Instrumentation: The Z400 is equipped with a digital LCD instrument cluster that provides clear and easy-to-read information. It includes a speedometer, odometer, trip meters, fuel gauge, and other essential indicators for convenient monitoring while riding.
  8. Safety Features: To enhance safety, the Z400 is equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) as standard. ABS helps prevent wheel lock-up during hard braking, allowing for better stability and control.
  9. Exhaust System: The Z400 features a stylish and sporty exhaust system that not only enhances the bike’s aesthetics but also delivers an appealing exhaust note.
  10. Customization Options: Kawasaki offers various accessories and customization options for the Z400, allowing riders to personalize their motorcycles according to their preferences.

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Kawasaki z400 Specs

Here are the specifications for the Kawasaki Z400 motorcycle:


  • Type: Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke parallel-twin
  • Displacement: 399cc
  • Bore x Stroke: 70.0 mm x 51.8 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 11.5:1
  • Fuel System: Fuel injection
  • Ignition: Digital


  • Maximum Power: Approximately 45 horsepower (33.4 kW) at 10,000 RPM
  • Maximum Torque: Approximately 38 Nm at 8,000 RPM
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Final Drive: Chain


  • Frame Type: Trellis, high-tensile steel
  • Suspension:
    • Front: Telescopic fork with 41mm inner tube diameter, 110mm travel
    • Rear: Bottom-link Uni-Trak, gas-charged shock with adjustable preload, 130mm travel
  • Brakes:
    • Front: Single 310mm petal disc with dual-piston caliper
    • Rear: Single 220mm petal disc with single-piston caliper
  • ABS: Standard (Anti-lock Braking System)
  • Wheels:
    • Front: 17-inch, 5-spoke cast aluminum
    • Rear: 17-inch, 5-spoke cast aluminum
  • Tires:
    • Front: 110/70-R17
    • Rear: 150/60-R17


  • Overall Length: 2,040 mm
  • Overall Width: 800 mm
  • Overall Height: 1,055 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,370 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 140 mm
  • Seat Height: 785 mm
  • Fuel Capacity: 14 liters
  • Curb Weight: Approximately 167 kg

Additional Features:

  • Instrumentation: LCD display including speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, odometer, trip meters, and other indicators.
  • Lighting: LED headlights and taillights for enhanced visibility.
  • Colors: The Z400 is available in multiple color options, which may vary by region.

Kawasaki z400 Competitors

  1. Yamaha MT-03: The Yamaha MT-03 shares a similar concept and target audience with the Kawasaki Z400. It features a 321cc parallel-twin engine, aggressive styling, and nimble handling, making it a direct rival to the Z400.
  2. KTM 390 Duke: The KTM 390 Duke is another formidable competitor in the segment. It offers a 373cc single-cylinder engine, lightweight chassis, and sharp handling. The 390 Duke’s edgy design and sporty performance make it a popular choice for riders seeking excitement.
  3. Honda CB300R: The Honda CB300R is a compact naked bike with a 286cc single-cylinder engine. It features a minimalist design, excellent fuel efficiency, and easy maneuverability, appealing to riders looking for a stylish and practical urban commuter.
  4. Suzuki SV650: While slightly more powerful, the Suzuki SV650 is often considered a contender in this segment. It packs a 645cc V-twin engine, offering a balance of performance and versatility. The SV650 is known for its smooth power delivery, comfortable ergonomics, and overall value.
  5. BMW G 310 R: The BMW G 310 R is a compact street motorcycle that shares its platform with the Kawasaki Z400. It boasts a 313cc single-cylinder engine, dynamic handling, and premium build quality. The G 310 R brings the renowned BMW brand name and styling to the lightweight naked bike segment.

Kawasaki z400 Pros and Cons

Pros of the Kawasaki Z400:

  1. Lightweight and Agile: The Z400’s lightweight construction and compact size make it incredibly agile and easy to handle. It offers nimble maneuverability, making it suitable for both urban commuting and spirited riding on curvy roads.
  2. Sporty Performance: With its peppy parallel-twin engine, the Z400 delivers a satisfying blend of power and performance. It provides responsive acceleration and a thrilling riding experience, allowing riders to enjoy spirited rides and quick overtakes.
  3. Stylish Design: The Z400 features a sleek and aggressive design inspired by its larger Z-series siblings. It showcases sharp lines, muscular contours, and a distinctive front end, making it visually appealing and giving it a sporty and modern look.
  4. Comfortable Ergonomics: Despite its sporty nature, the Z400 offers a comfortable riding position. The upright seating posture, mid-set footpegs, and well-positioned handlebars provide a balanced combination of comfort and control for both short and long rides.
  5. Versatile and Practical: The Z400’s compact size and agility make it a practical choice for navigating crowded city streets and tight parking spaces. It also comes with a decent fuel tank capacity, allowing for extended rides without frequent refueling.

Cons of the Kawasaki Z400:

  1. Limited Highway Capability: While the Z400 performs well in urban environments and on winding roads, its smaller engine size and high-revving nature can limit its highway cruising ability, especially when compared to larger-displacement motorcycles.
  2. Lack of Wind Protection: As a naked sport bike, the Z400 does not come with a fairing or windshield to shield riders from windblast at higher speeds. This can result in increased rider fatigue during longer rides on highways or windy conditions.
  3. Limited Passenger Comfort: The Z400’s compact size means the pillion seat and overall space for a passenger is relatively limited. This might not be ideal for riders frequently carrying passengers or looking for a more comfortable two-up riding experience.
  4. Suspension Tuned for Sportiness: The Z400’s suspension is set up for sporty handling, which can result in a stiffer ride, especially on rougher road surfaces. Riders who prioritize a plush and comfortable suspension setup may find the Z400’s suspension a bit firm for their liking.
  5. Limited Storage Space: Due to its sporty design and compact dimensions, the Z400 lacks significant storage space. It doesn’t come with integrated storage compartments or options for attaching luggage, which can limit its utility for carrying gear or daily commuting with larger loads.

How to Buy Kawasaki z400?

Here are some of the ways you can buy a Kawasaki Z400 in India:

  • Buy it from a Kawasaki dealer. This is the most common way to buy a Kawasaki motorcycle in India. Kawasaki dealers have a wide selection of Kawasaki motorcycles available, and they can also help you finance your purchase.
  • Buy it from a private seller. You can also buy a Kawasaki Z400 from a private seller. This can be a good way to get a good deal on a used motorcycle. However, it is important to do your research and inspect the motorcycle carefully before you buy it.
  • Import it from another country. If you are willing to pay a premium, you can also import a Kawasaki Z400 from another country. This is a good option if you cannot find a Kawasaki Z400 in India or if you want a specific model or color that is not available in India.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when buying a Kawasaki Z400 in India:

  • The price. The price of a Kawasaki Z400 in India will vary depending on the model year, the condition of the motorcycle, and the location of the seller.
  • The financing options. Kawasaki dealers offer a variety of financing options for customers who want to buy a Kawasaki motorcycle.
  • The warranty. Kawasaki motorcycles come with a one-year warranty. This warranty covers the cost of repairs for defects in materials or workmanship.
  • The insurance. You will need to purchase insurance for your Kawasaki Z400. This will protect you financially in the event of an accident.

Kawasaki z400 FAQs

  • What is the price of the Kawasaki Z400?

The price of the Kawasaki Z400 is expected to be Rs. 4.00 Lakh.

  • When will the Kawasaki Z400 be launched in India?

The Kawasaki Z400 is expected to be launched in India around November 2024.

  • What are the features of the Kawasaki Z400?

The Kawasaki Z400 features a 399cc parallel-twin engine, a 6-speed transmission, a digital instrument cluster, and LED headlights.

  • What are the pros and cons of the Kawasaki Z400?

The pros of the Kawasaki Z400 include its affordable price, its lightweight design, and its powerful engine. The cons of the Kawasaki Z400 include its small fuel tank capacity, its lack of wind protection, and its uncomfortable seating position.

  • Who is the Kawasaki Z400 for?

The Kawasaki Z400 is a good choice for riders who are looking for an affordable, lightweight, and powerful motorcycle. It is a good choice for both beginners and experienced riders.

  • What are the alternatives to the Kawasaki Z400?

Some of the alternatives to the Kawasaki Z400 include the Yamaha MT-03, the Honda CB300R, and the Suzuki SV650.


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