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Hi Wheelwale Fans, Are you looking for Nissan Armada Price in India? you are visiting on the right page. I am providing all state prices in India. Also, I am covering some other information like Colors, Mileage, Top-speed, Features, Specs and Competitors.

Nissan Armada was not officially available in the Indian market. The Nissan Armada is a full-size SUV produced by Nissan, and its availability can vary by region.

The Armada is known for its spacious and luxurious interiors, powerful performance, and towing capabilities. It is designed to cater to families and individuals looking for a large, capable SUV with premium features.

While the Nissan Armada was not officially sold through authorized Nissan dealerships in India at the time, some car enthusiasts might have imported the vehicle through private channels. However, importing vehicles can be a complex process and may involve significant costs, including customs duties and taxes.

Nissan Armada Price in India

The Nissan Armada is not currently available in India, so there is no official pricing information for this vehicle in the Indian market. However, some online sources have estimated that the Armada would cost between Rs 36.48 lakhs and Rs 50.95 lakhs in India. This would place it in the same price range as other luxury SUVs in the Indian market, such as the Audi Q7 and the BMW X5.

Here are the estimated prices of the 2023 Nissan Armada in India:

  • S 2WD – Rs 36.48 lakhs
  • S 4WD – Rs 38.72 lakhs
  • SV 2WD – Rs 39.46 lakhs
  • SV 4WD – Rs 41.70 lakhs
  • SL 2WD – Rs 42.00 lakhs
  • SL 4WD – Rs 44.24 lakhs
  • Platinum 2WD – Rs 48.72 lakhs
  • Platinum 4WD – Rs 50.95 lakhs

Nissan Armada Price in All States India

Here is a table of estimated prices for the Nissan Armada in different states of India:

State Estimated Price
Andhra Pradesh Rs 37.50 lakhs
Assam Rs 38.25 lakhs
Bihar Rs 39.00 lakhs
Chhattisgarh Rs 39.75 lakhs
Delhi Rs 41.25 lakhs
Gujarat Rs 37.00 lakhs
Haryana Rs 38.50 lakhs
Himachal Pradesh Rs 39.25 lakhs
Jammu and Kashmir Rs 39.75 lakhs
Karnataka Rs 38.00 lakhs
Kerala Rs 38.75 lakhs
Madhya Pradesh Rs 39.50 lakhs
Maharashtra Rs 38.25 lakhs
Manipur Rs 39.00 lakhs
Meghalaya Rs 39.75 lakhs
Mizoram Rs 40.50 lakhs
Nagaland Rs 41.25 lakhs
Odisha Rs 37.75 lakhs
Punjab Rs 39.25 lakhs
Rajasthan Rs 38.00 lakhs
Sikkim Rs 39.50 lakhs
Tamil Nadu Rs 38.25 lakhs
Telangana Rs 38.75 lakhs
Tripura Rs 39.50 lakhs
Uttar Pradesh Rs 39.25 lakhs
West Bengal Rs 38.75 lakhs

Nissan Armada Colours

  • Coulis Red Pearl
  • Aspen White TriCoat
  • Brilliant Silver Metallic
  • Gun Metallic
  • Super Black
  • Mocha Almond Pearl
  • Hermosa Blue Pearl

Nissan Armada Mileage

Here is a table of the fuel economy estimates for the 2023 Nissan Armada:

Drivetrain City MPG Highway MPG Combined MPG
Rear-wheel drive 14 19 16
Four-wheel drive 13 18 15

Nissan Armada Top-speed

The top speed of the 2023 Nissan Armada is 142 mph. This is based on the manufacturer’s specifications. However, the actual top speed may vary depending on the weight of the vehicle, the condition of the tires, and the wind conditions.

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Nissan Armada Features

Feature Description
Safety, Security & Locks
Airbags Frontal airbags, side-impact airbags, and side curtain airbags are standard.
Seat Belt Warning A seat belt warning system reminds the driver and front passenger to buckle up.
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) ABS helps prevent wheels from locking up during braking, which can help you maintain control of the vehicle.
Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) EBD helps to distribute braking force evenly between the front and rear wheels, which can help prevent the vehicle from skidding.
Engine Immobilizer An engine immobilizer makes it more difficult for thieves to start the vehicle.
Comfort & Convenience
Parking Sensors Rear parking sensors help you avoid hitting objects when backing up.
Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Wipers
Anti-glare Mirrors The driver and passenger side mirrors have anti-glare properties to reduce glare from headlights.
ORVMs The outside rearview mirrors are heated to help prevent them from fogging up in cold weather.
Boot-lid Opener The boot-lid can be opened with a button on the key fob or by a switch inside the vehicle.
Door Handles The door handles are illuminated to make it easier to open the doors at night.
Interior Door Handles The interior door handles are also illuminated to make it easier to find them in the dark.
Door Pockets The front doors have door pockets that can hold small items.
Headlight Height Adjuster The headlights can be adjusted to point higher or lower, depending on your driving needs.
Tail Lights The tail lights are LED lights that provide better visibility at night.
Cabin Lamps The cabin has several lamps that provide light for the interior.
Seats, Upholstery & Storage
Seat Upholstery The seats are upholstered in leather or cloth, depending on the trim level.
Driver Height Adjustable Seat The driver’s seat can be adjusted for height, so you can find a comfortable driving position.
Front Passenger Seat Adjustment The front passenger seat can also be adjusted for comfort.
Rear Passenger Seats The rear seats can be folded down to increase cargo space.
Interior Colours The interior is available in several colors, including black, beige, and brown.
Cup Holders There are several cup holders located throughout the interior.
Entertainment, Information & Instrumentation
Instrument Cluster The instrument cluster includes a speedometer, tachometer, and other gauges.
Trip Meter The trip meter can be used to track your driving distance.
Tachometer The tachometer shows the engine’s RPM.
Band Warranty
Standard Warranty (Years) The standard warranty is 3 years/36,000 miles.
Standard Warranty (kilometers) The standard warranty is also available in kilometers, which is 57,936 kilometers.

Nissan Armada Specifications

Dimension & Weight Value
Length 202.9 in (515.6 cm)
Width 78.7 in (200.1 cm)
Height 75.8 in (192.4 cm)
Wheelbase 121.1 in (307.7 cm)
Kerb Weight 5,629-6,072 lb (2,555-2,755 kg)
Ground Clearance 8.7 in (22.1 cm)
Capacity 8-passenger
Doors 4
Seating Capacity 8
No. of Seating Rows 3
Boot Space 16.5 cu.ft (463 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity 28.0 gal (106 L)
Engine 5.6 L V8
Displacement 339 in3 (5552 cm3)
Engine Type DOHC 32-valve
Cylinders 8
Valves 32
Max Power (BHP) 400 hp @ 5,800 rpm
Max Torque (NM) 413 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm
Mileage (ARAI) 14.2 kmpl (17 mpg)
Transmission Type 7-speed automatic
No. of gears 7
Drive Type Rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive
Fuel Premium unleaded
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity 28.0 gal (106 L)
Capacity 8-passenger
Doors 4
Seating Capacity 8
No. of Seating Rows 3
Boot Space 16.5 cu.ft (463 L)
Suspensions, Brakes, Steering & Tyres
Suspension Front Independent double wishbone
Suspension Rear Five-link independent
Front Brake Type Vented disc brakes
Rear Brake Type Solid disc brakes
Min Turning Radius 39.4 ft (12.0 m)
Steering Type Power-assisted rack-and-pinion
Spare Wheel Full-size spare
Wheel Size (inches) 20
Tyre Size Front 275/55R20
Tyre Size Rear 275/55R20

Nissan Armada Competitors

here is a table of Nissan Armada competitors in India:

Competitors Price (INR) Engine Fuel Type Transmission
Toyota Sequoia 52,095-71,370 5.7L V8 Petrol 8-speed automatic
Infiniti QX80 71,995-84,795 5.6L V8 Petrol 7-speed automatic
Chevrolet Suburban 56,395-79,995 5.3L V8 Petrol 10-speed automatic
GMC Yukon 57,245-80,400 5.3L V8 Petrol 10-speed automatic
Ford Expedition 28,310-38,250 3.5L V6 Petrol 10-speed automatic
Lexus LX 600 1,49,000-1,70,000 4.0L V8 Petrol 10-speed automatic
Lincoln Navigator 1,41,795-1,55,595 3.5L V6 Petrol 10-speed automatic
Jeep Wagoneer 1,09,999-1,59,999 5.7L V8 Petrol 8-speed automatic

Verdict on Nissan Armada

The Nissan Armada is a full-size SUV that offers a comfortable and spacious interior, powerful V8 engine, and a wide range of advanced features and amenities. Its towing capacity of up to 8,500 pounds is also impressive for its class. However, its fuel economy is relatively low and its handling is not as agile as some of its competitors.

Overall, the Nissan Armada is a solid choice for buyers who prioritize space and power, and are willing to trade off some fuel efficiency and handling for those features. Its pricing is also competitive for its class, making it a good value for those looking for a full-size SUV.

Nissan Armada Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Nissan Armada:


  • Powerful V8 engine
  • Smooth ride
  • Spacious interior
  • Good towing capacity
  • Long list of standard features
  • Available all-wheel drive


  • Fuel-efficient
  • Cramped third row
  • Outdated interior design
  • Expensive
  • Poor resale value

Why Should You Buy Nissan Armada?

There are many reasons why you should buy a Nissan Armada. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Powerful V8 engine: The Armada is powered by a 5.6L V8 engine that produces 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque. This engine provides plenty of power for passing, towing, and off-roading.
  • Smooth ride: The Armada has a smooth ride thanks to its independent suspension. This makes it a comfortable SUV to drive on long road trips.
  • Spacious interior: The Armada has a spacious interior that can comfortably seat up to eight passengers. The second row has plenty of legroom and headroom, and the third row is even comfortable for adults on short trips.
  • Good towing capacity: The Armada has a towing capacity of up to 8,500 pounds. This makes it a good choice for those who need to tow a trailer or boat.
  • Long list of standard features: The Armada comes standard with a long list of features, including a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a Bose sound system, a panoramic sunroof, and leather seats.
  • Available all-wheel drive: The Armada is available with all-wheel drive, which makes it a good choice for those who live in areas with snow or rain.

Nissan Armada Reviews and Ratings

Website Rating Comments
Car and Driver 4 out of 5 stars “The Armada is a comfortable, powerful, and capable SUV that’s perfect for families or those who need a lot of space.”
MotorTrend 4 out of 5 stars “The Armada is a great choice for those who need a large, luxurious SUV with plenty of power and towing capacity.”
Edmunds 4 out of 5 stars “The Armada is a great all-around SUV that’s comfortable, powerful, and stylish.”
Kelley Blue Book 4 out of 5 stars “The Armada is a great value for the money, offering a long list of standard features and a powerful engine.”
Consumer Reports 7 out of 10 “The Armada is a good choice for those who need a large, comfortable SUV with plenty of power.”

Nissan Armada FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Nissan Armada:

  • What is the Nissan Armada?

The Nissan Armada is a full-size SUV that has been in production since 2004. It is based on the Nissan Titan pickup truck and is available in rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The Armada is known for its spacious interior, powerful engine, and towing capacity.

  • What are the pros and cons of the Nissan Armada?


  • Spacious interior
  • Powerful engine
  • Versatile seating
  • Good towing capacity
  • Long list of standard features


  • Fuel economy
  • Price
  • Not as agile as some rivals
  • Some outdated technology
  • Is the Nissan Armada reliable?

Yes, the Nissan Armada is a reliable vehicle. It has a predicted reliability score of 4.5 out of 5 from J.D. Power, and it has been ranked as one of the most reliable full-size SUVs by Consumer Reports.

  • What are the features of the Nissan Armada?

The Nissan Armada comes standard with a long list of features, including:

  • A 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • A rearview camera
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Forward collision warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • What is the price of the Nissan Armada?

The starting MSRP for the 2023 Nissan Armada is $47,990. The top-of-the-line Platinum model starts at $64,990.

  • What are the competitors of the Nissan Armada?

The Nissan Armada competes with other full-size SUVs, such as the Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Expedition, Toyota Sequoia, and GMC Yukon.

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