TVS X Electric Launched in India at Rs 2.5 Lakh, Claims 140 km Range

TVS Motor has introduced its latest electric two-wheeler, christened the TVS X, with a starting price of Rs 2.5 lakh (excluding FAME incentive). Renowned as a prominent global manufacturer of two and three-wheelers, TVS Motor Company is now venturing into the electric vehicle (EV) realm with its highly anticipated flagship crossover EV, the TVS X. This innovative creation, meticulously crafted from scratch, is set to revolutionize the electric mobility landscape, boasting a striking design, remarkable performance, and state-of-the-art technological features.

In sync with the increasing global embrace of electric vehicles, the TVS X aspires to carve out a distinctive niche in the EV sector. Embodying a rider-centric engineering ethos that accentuates the connection between rider and machine, this sleek and agile vehicle is meticulously designed to spark desire. Born and developed in India, the TVS X houses a potent electric motor and advanced battery technology, not only delivering exhilarating acceleration but also an impressive travel range. It stands as a compelling solution for zero-emission and refined electric mobility needs.

TVS X Electric Launched in India
TVS X Electric Launched in India

The Three Pillars of TVS X:

1. Design: Artful Engineering

At the heart of the TVS X lies its innovative design approach, wherein function seamlessly informs form. Its aerodynamically honed shape embodies a sense of fluidity and motion, creating a machine that exudes speed and exhilaration. The TVS X stands as a visual masterpiece, captivating riders with a profound sense of wonder.

Constructed on a brand-new platform, the TVS X showcases the cutting-edge TVS Xleton frame, crafted from high-precision cast aluminum alloy. This frame sets an industry standard for rigidity and longevity, contributing to heightened efficiency by minimizing air resistance. Notably, the TVS X introduces a first-of-its-kind Ram Air Cooled Motor, ensuring dynamic cooling for sustained performance.

The lighting scheme of the TVS X is equally impressive. It boasts a four-element LED headlamp with its distinctive flair, accompanied by sequential turn indicators and customizable light sequences, enabling riders to tailor various vehicle states according to their preferences.

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2. Performance: Rider-First Engineering

Engineered with a rider-centric approach, the TVS X prioritizes rider empowerment, aiming to offer an almost intuitive level of control and handling. Every facet, spanning from vehicle dynamics to the powertrain, has been meticulously developed in-house to deliver an unparalleled and immersive riding encounter.

The TVS Xleton frame ensures extraordinary rigidity, translating to exceptional agility and precision in steering. Tailor-made tire compounds enhance traction while minimizing rolling resistance. Bolstered by a peak power output of 11kW, the TVS X stands as the most potent EV in its category, achieving a remarkable 0-40kmph acceleration in a mere 2.6 seconds and sustaining a top speed of 105kmph. Multi-level selectable re-gen modes and the latest generation of ABS contribute to heightened efficiency and confidence-inspiring braking.

At its core, the TVS X showcases a high-performance battery pack endowed with 4.44kWh of energy capacity, backed by an in-house-devised Battery Management System. Charging flexibility is facilitated through the provision of a Smart X Home rapid charger and a portable charger, ensuring a seamless and convenient EV ownership experience.

3. Connected Technology: Mobility Reimagined

The TVS X boasts a redesigned rider interface highlighted by a 10.2-inch HD+ TFT touchscreen, the most expansive within its class, allowing for deeper personalization. The TVS NavPro, harnessed by the next-gen TVS SmartXonnect platform, furnishes context-aware information, proactively mapping charging stations to ensure a seamless riding journey. Customization is further accentuated by the TVS X, affording a plethora of personalization options, encompassing widgets, themes, and cluster wallpaper uploads.

Safety of the rider is paramount in the TVS X, evident through the TVS Smart Xhield, which introduces proactive safety measures such as crash alerts and tow alerts. Notably, the industry witnesses a first with the feature of live vehicle location sharing directly from the cluster.

Representing the culmination of TVS Motor Company’s steadfast commitment to sustainable mobility solutions, the TVS X stands as an innovative EV tailored for global trailblazers who ardently embrace technological advancement and innovation. With its exceptional performance, instinctive technology integration, and avant-garde design, the TVS X is positioned to create a lasting impression on a global scale, reinforcing TVS Motor’s status as a vanguard within the industry.

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Price, Bookings and Delivery

Reservations for the TVS X are now open, and deliveries are scheduled to commence from November 2023 in a phased approach across 15 cities. The introductory price for the TVS X starts at INR 2,49,990 (Ex-showroom Bengaluru), inclusive of optional chargers. A special touch accompanies the first 2,000 units, featuring an exclusive “First Edition” badge along with a meticulously curated Concierge service and a Garmin Smartwatch, enriching the ownership journey.

Mr. Sudarshan Venu, the Managing Director of TVS Motor Company, expressed, “Our unwavering commitment to harnessing technology and innovation for a greener and more sustainable future has led us to unveil this highly desirable marvel. This launch represents a pivotal milestone in TVS Motors’ endeavor to introduce a homegrown EV, the TVS X. Designed for the global avant-garde, who are pioneers and visionaries driven by technological passion, it is set to ignite a transition toward premium, sustainable, and technologically advanced mobility solutions. It establishes a new standard as a globally renowned electric machine. The TVS X epitomizes innovation with a disruptive spirit, ingrained with sustainability, and embodies the upcoming era of eco-conscious mobility. With its remarkable performance, sophisticated aesthetics, and integrated, user-friendly, and tailored experiences, we are confident it will redefine mobility on a global scale.”


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