Volkswagen ID.3 facelift

2023 Volkswagen ID.3 Facelift Spied For The First Time

Volkswagen ID.3 Facelift: Counting the impending ID.7 sedan, the ID portfolio of specialised electric vehicles built on the MEB platform has grown to six models. The ID.3, a compact hatchback, made its debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show in September. Deliveries to customers didn’t begin until approximately a year later, though, so the already-announced refresh is arriving at a rather early stage in the product’s lifespan.

Since the teaser designs unveiled in the beginning of December 2022 only depicted subtle changes, it appears to be a minor update for the compact EV. Now fast forward to the present day, where our spies have spotted a prototype of the updated EV out in the cold weather testing with only minor cosmetic alterations to the front fascia. In an effort to make the ID.3 look more like VW’s gas-powered vehicles, the bumper’s honeycomb structure was removed.

2023 Volkswagen ID.3 facelift spy photos

Volkswagen ID.3 facelift
Volkswagen ID.3 facelift

Improved aerodynamics and performance are expected as a result of the addition of vertical air curtains. This lower air intake is deceptively designed to appear to rise at the corners, but is actually flat. The official teaser images also revealed a steadily narrowing air inlet, which is distinct from the prototype’s bottom part.

Although VW has claimed that this is the second generation of the model, it is evident that this is not the case. Although our spies were unable to sneak a glance at the interior, the German manufacturer has previously stated that a larger 12-inch touchscreen will be installed in place of the current 10-inch unit. Further, there will be a removable compartment floor in the cargo space and two cup holders in the centre console.

Volkswagen, headquartered in Wolfsburg, claims it will remedy the Golf Mk VIII’s launch hiccups with the ID.3’s higher-quality interior and upgraded software. Since the ID.X hot hatch idea is going into production and will be available in this updated version, enthusiasts should also benefit.

2023 Volkswagen ID.3 facelift teasers

New orders placed in Germany will receive the revised version in the fourth quarter of 2023 because VW already has enough orders for the pre-facelift model to keep the factory busy for a while. The slightly revised ID.3 begins at €43,995 in its home market, where it is offered in the standard Life, Business, Style, Max, and Tour trim levels.

VW plans to assemble the EV in Wolfsburg as well to meet up with high demand. Having kicked off in late 2019 at the Zwickau plant, production moved to the Dresden factory, where the Phaeton was once manufactured, in early 2021.


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