Where can I get email address lists?

Email lists can be core elements of a marketing strategy, and getting them through email list providers is one way to do it! The best list of email addresses needs to be accurate, up-to-date, and generated by your own marketing or a trusted lead list vendor.

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Purchasing Lists from Reputable Data Providers   

One method of grabbing email lists is to buy them from data providers. Are you cognizant of this point? Major companies, such as ZoomInfo, Dun & Bradstreet, and InfoUSA, vend a treasure trove of lead databases segmented by industry, demographics, and interests. This method is very effective. You could end up with targeted leads. 

Remember to use discretion as you are vetting a data provider.If they don’t comply with these legal items, you will be in trouble! Look for email addresses that are verified. The whole logical pitch is to ensure that you buy lists of email addresses from reliable lead vendors and data aggregators. Buy the data that meets the criteria of your marketing.  Ultimately, you need to deliver the right message to the right audience. Buying quality emails from a reliable vendor will make sure you’ll hit your target and also ensure maximum engagement.

Networking and Events

Networking events and trade shows are a great way to collect email addresses for potential clients or customers. Your email signup form code can be easily embedded into a computer or tablet on the day of your event, and from there you can allow attendees to sign up. 

We always recommend having a spiffy incentive in place to encourage those attending to be excited about joining your list, and more importantly, your email list should be relevant to the event itself. For example, if you are hosting a fishing event and collecting email addresses from salesmen looking for a job, this kind of contact is not going to be very helpful to your business. However, if you are collecting the email addresses of individuals interested in fishing and the Great Outdoors, then this would be an ideal time to collect email addresses. 

Also, be sure to use your business cards to collect email addresses at offline events like trade shows and conferences. For example, at the end of every presentation or booth interaction, offer attendees a chance to sign up for your newsletter for a free download or some type of value-added product. As an added measure and in efforts to maximize your mobile experience, a few days after the event ends, create an email campaign to all event attendees (those collected over a 2-3 day timeframe). 

Using Lead Generation Tools

Utilizing methods and tools to attract customers can facilitate the process of gathering emails from potential clients who have expressed interest in purchasing your products or employing your services before. Platforms like OptinMonster and HubSpot offer various tactics for acquiring customer data, such as inserting lead-capture forms into your content, adjusting your website to display in other languages, or gating valuable content behind a sign-up. Once you share your valuable insights or expertise, potential clients won’t hesitate to drop their email addresses to benefit from further wisdom. Emails obtained in this manner are much more likely to yield thoughtful, composed, and deliberate potential clients.


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