Yamaha YZF-R6 Price in India

Yamaha YZF-R6 Price in India, Colors, Mileage, Features, Specs and Competitors

Yamaha YZF-R6 price ranged from Rs. 15 lakh (ex-showroom) to Rs. 16.5 lakh (on-road) depending on the city and taxes.

Yamaha YZF-R6 Price in India With Variants

Variant Color Ex-Showroom Price (Rs.) On-Road Price (Rs.) (Approximate)
Standard Icon Blue 15,00,000 16,20,000 – 16,50,000
Standard Midnight Black 15,00,000 16,20,000 – 16,50,000
Standard Intensity White 15,00,000 16,20,000 – 16,50,000

Yamaha YZF-R6 Colors

Variant Color
Standard Icon Blue
Standard Midnight Black
Standard Intensity White

Yamaha YZF-R6 Mileage

Riding Condition Reported Mileage (kmpl)
Combined (City & Highway) 15.15 (Yamaha UK)
City Riding 12-14
Highway Riding 16-18

Yamaha YZF-R6 Top-Speed

Source Top Speed (km/h) Note
Yamaha Specs 262 (Speedo-indicated) Officially stated top speed, may vary slightly in real-world conditions.
Various Online Sources 280–290 Estimated values based on independent tests and rider reports.
Real-World Tests 260–270 Achieved speeds may be lower due to factors like wind resistance, rider weight, and environmental conditions.

Yamaha YZF-R6 Dimensions

Dimension Measurement (mm) Measurement (in)
Length 2,040 80.3
Width 706 27.8
Height 1,095 43.1
Wheelbase 1,375 54.1
Seat Height 851 33.5
Ground Clearance 130 5.1
Dry Weight 190 419
Fuel Capacity 17 4.5

Yamaha YZF-R6 Features

Category Feature Description
Engine & Performance 599cc DOHC inline-4 engine High-revving, powerful engine delivers 117 hp and 58 lb-ft torque.
Advanced engine technology Lightweight forged pistons, titanium valves, and linerless cylinder bores for performance and efficiency.
Close-ratio 6-speed gearbox Responsive shifting for optimal acceleration and track riding.
Assist & slipper clutch Reduces lever effort and prevents rear wheel lockup during downshifts.
Chassis & Handling Aluminum Deltabox frame Lightweight and rigid frame for precise handling and stability.
KYB adjustable suspension Fully adjustable forks and shock provide optimal ride quality for various conditions.
Brembo brakes Powerful and responsive brakes for confident stopping power.
Radial-mount calipers Increased braking feel and performance.
Technology & Ergonomics Digital instrument cluster Comprehensive information including speed, rpm, fuel level, and lap times.
Adjustable riding modes Customize power delivery and suspension settings for different riding conditions.
Traction control system Improves grip and stability in slippery conditions.
Aggressive riding position Comfortable for sport riding, but may not be ideal for touring.
Additional Features LED headlights and taillights Bright and stylish lighting for enhanced visibility.
Lightweight cast aluminum wheels Reduce unsprung weight for improved handling.
Optional quick-shifter For faster and smoother gear changes.

Yamaha YZF-R6 Price in India-

Yamaha YZF-R6 Specs

Category Specification
Engine & Performance
Engine 599cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline-4
Maximum Power 117 hp (86 kW) @ 14,500 rpm
Maximum Torque 58 lb-ft (78 Nm) @ 12,500 rpm
Transmission 6-speed close-ratio
Clutch Wet multi-plate assist & slipper
Chassis & Handling
Frame Aluminum Deltabox
Front Suspension 43mm KYB adjustable forks
Rear Suspension KYB adjustable monoshock with linkage
Brakes Front: Dual 320mm discs with radial-mount calipers; Rear: Single 220mm disc
Wheels 17-inch cast aluminum
Tires Front: 120/70ZR17; Rear: 180/55ZR17
Dimensions & Weight
Length 2,040 mm (80.3 in)
Width 706 mm (27.8 in)
Height 1,095 mm (43.1 in)
Wheelbase 1,375 mm (54.1 in)
Seat Height 851 mm (33.5 in)
Ground Clearance 130 mm (5.1 in)
Dry Weight 190 kg (419 lb)
Fuel Capacity 17 liters (4.5 gallons)
Digital instrument cluster
Adjustable riding modes
Traction control system
LED headlights and taillights
Optional quick-shifter

Yamaha YZF-R6 And its Competitors

Feature Yamaha YZF-R6 (Discontinued) Honda CBR600RR Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R
Engine 599cc DOHC inline-4 599cc DOHC inline-4 636cc DOHC inline-4
Power 117 hp @ 14,500 rpm 123 hp @ 14,500 rpm 128 hp @ 13,500 rpm
Torque 58 lb-ft @ 12,500 rpm 55 lb-ft @ 11,500 rpm 70 lb-ft @ 11,500 rpm
Transmission 6-speed close-ratio 6-speed close-ratio 6-speed close-ratio
Clutch Wet multi-plate assist & slipper Wet multi-plate assist & slipper Wet multi-plate assist & slipper
Frame Aluminum Deltabox Aluminum Twin-Spar Aluminum Trellis
Suspension KYB adjustable forks and shock Showa adjustable forks and shock Showa adjustable forks and shock
Brakes Dual 320mm discs with radial-mount calipers; Rear: Single 220mm disc Dual 310mm discs with radial-mount calipers; Rear: Single 240mm disc Dual 310mm discs with radial-mount calipers; Rear: Single 220mm disc
Wheels 17-inch cast aluminum 17-inch cast aluminum 17-inch cast aluminum
Tires Front: 120/70ZR17; Rear: 180/55ZR17 Front: 120/70ZR17; Rear: 180/55ZR17 Front: 120/70ZR17; Rear: 180/55ZR17
Weight 190 kg (419 lb) 186 kg (410 lb) 197 kg (434 lb)
Price (Discontinued in India) ₹15.00 lakhs (ex-showroom) ₹12.50 lakhs (ex-showroom) ₹13.50 lakhs (ex-showroom)

Yamaha YZF-R6 Pros and Cons


Feature Description
High-Performance Engine: Powerhouse 599cc inline-4 delivers 117hp and 58lb-ft torque, making it exhilarating for experienced riders.
Sharp Handling: Lightweight aluminum Deltabox frame and fully adjustable suspension offer razor-sharp handling and agility on winding roads.
Powerful Brakes: Dual 320mm discs with radial-mount calipers provide exceptional stopping power and confidence.
Advanced Technology: Features like traction control, adjustable riding modes, and a digital instrument cluster enhance safety and riding experience.
Aggressive Aesthetics: Striking and aerodynamic design with iconic YZF styling turns heads wherever you go.


Feature Description
Discontinued in India: Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a new YZF-R6 in India as of October 2023.
High Price (When Available): Previously priced at around ₹15 lakhs (ex-showroom), it was a premium option compared to some competitors.
Demanding Riding Position: Aggressive ergonomics prioritize track performance over touring comfort, making it tiring for long distances.
High Maintenance: High-performance components and track-oriented focus require dedicated maintenance and potentially higher costs.
Not Beginner-Friendly: Powerful engine and sharp handling make it unsuitable for inexperienced riders.

Why Should You Buy a Yamaha YZF-R6?

Reasons Experienced Riders Chose the YZF-R6:

Thrilling Performance:

  • Its 599cc inline-4 engine unleashed 117hp and 58lb-ft torque, offering an adrenaline rush with each twist of the throttle.
  • Advanced engine technology like lightweight pistons and titanium valves maximized its power and efficiency.
  • Close-ratio gearbox catered to track riding, enabling quick gear changes for optimal lap times.

Precise Handling:

  • Lightweight aluminum Deltabox frame and fully adjustable suspension delivered razor-sharp steering and confidence in corners.
  • Powerful brakes with radial-mount calipers ensured precise stopping power for control even at high speeds.
  • Aggressive riding position, while not ideal for touring, provided optimal weight distribution for track riding.

Technology and Design:

  • Digital instrument cluster kept riders informed with essential data like speed, rpm, and lap times.
  • Adjustable riding modes allowed tailoring power delivery and suspension settings to match conditions.
  • Traction control enhanced safety and grip in slippery situations.
  • Striking and aerodynamic design turned heads while contributing to performance.

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Yamaha YZF-R6 Reviews and Ratings

Source Rating Pros Cons
MCN (MotorCycle News) 4.5/5 stars Exhilarating performance, sharp handling, excellent brakes, high-quality components Aggressive riding position, not beginner-friendly, higher maintenance costs
Cycle World 9/10 Powerful engine, precise handling, confidence-inspiring brakes, comfortable for track riding Not for novice riders, demanding ergonomics, limited luggage capacity
Motorcyclist 4.2/5 stars Thrilling acceleration, razor-sharp steering, advanced technology, stunning looks Unforgiving suspension for some, expensive, requires skilled rider
Motociclismo.es 9/10 Exhilarating power delivery, agile handling, excellent brakes, top-notch technology Aggressive riding position, not suitable for touring, high maintenance
Motorcycle.com 4.5/5 stars Unrelenting power, intuitive handling, confidence-inspiring brakes, sleek design Tight seat, high price, requires experienced rider

Yamaha YZF-R6 FAQs

Q: Is the Yamaha YZF-R6 still available in India?

A: Unfortunately, no. The Yamaha YZF-R6 was discontinued in India as of October 2023.

Q: Why was the YZF-R6 discontinued in India?

A: The exact reasons remain unclear, but potential factors include declining sales, stricter emission regulations, or market shifts towards larger motorcycles.

Q: What engine does the YZF-R6 have?

A: It boasts a powerful 599cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, inline-4 engine.

Q: How much power does the YZF-R6 make?

A: Get ready for an exhilarating 117 hp at 14,500 rpm!

Q: How fast is the YZF-R6?

A: Buckle up – it’s estimated to reach a thrilling top speed of approximately 160 mph (257 km/h).

Q: How fuel-efficient is the YZF-R6?

A: Expect around 40 mpg (5.8 L/100km) in mixed driving conditions.

Q: How does the YZF-R6 handle?

A: Prepare for razor-sharp agility thanks to its lightweight frame and fully adjustable suspension.

Q: How are the brakes on the YZF-R6?

A: They’re top-notch! You’ll enjoy excellent stopping power with radial-mount calipers.

Q: Is the YZF-R6 comfortable?

A: It prioritizes track performance, so the aggressive riding position might not be ideal for long trips, but it’s fantastic for the track!

Q: How much does a used YZF-R6 cost in India?

A: Prices vary depending on year, condition, and mileage. Be prepared for a range between ₹5 lakhs and ₹10 lakhs for a well-maintained model.

Q: Any common issues with the YZF-R6?

A: Keep an eye out for potential electrical issues, suspension leaks, and gearbox problems.

Q: Is the YZF-R6 a good choice for beginners?

A: Absolutely not! Its high performance demands experience and skill for safe handling.


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