Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Price in India

2024 Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Price in India, Colors, Mileage, Features, Specs and Competitors

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Price in India is Rs. 3.50 lakh.

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Price in India With Variants

Variant Estimated Starting Price (Ex-showroom) Availability Booking Status On-Road Price (Estimated)
Single Variant Rs. 3.50 lakhs Expected Launch: January 2024 Not Started To be notified
Limited Edition Rs. 4.25 lakhs Available for Booking Accepting Bookings Varies depending on location and insurance

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Prices in All States of India

State Ex-showroom Price (Estimated) On-Road Price (Estimated Range)
Andhra Pradesh Rs. 3.50 lakhs Rs. 3.85 lakhs – Rs. 4.10 lakhs
Assam Rs. 3.50 lakhs Rs. 3.75 lakhs – Rs. 4.00 lakhs
Bihar Rs. 3.50 lakhs Rs. 3.70 lakhs – Rs. 3.95 lakhs
Chhattisgarh Rs. 3.50 lakhs Rs. 3.75 lakhs – Rs. 4.00 lakhs
Delhi Rs. 3.50 lakhs Rs. 3.80 lakhs – Rs. 4.05 lakhs
Goa Rs. 3.50 lakhs Rs. 3.70 lakhs – Rs. 3.95 lakhs
Gujarat Rs. 3.50 lakhs Rs. 3.75 lakhs – Rs. 4.00 lakhs
Haryana Rs. 3.50 lakhs Rs. 3.70 lakhs – Rs. 3.95 lakhs
Himachal Pradesh Rs. 3.50 lakhs Rs. 3.75 lakhs – Rs. 4.00 lakhs
Jammu and Kashmir Rs. 3.50 lakhs Rs. 3.70 lakhs – Rs. 3.95 lakhs
Jharkhand Rs. 3.50 lakhs Rs. 3.75 lakhs – Rs. 4.00 lakhs

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Colors

Color Name Description
Stencil White Crisp, clean white with a classic minimalist appeal.
Sheetmetal Grey Industrial-inspired gunmetal grey, exuding a rugged and sophisticated vibe.
Plasma Blue Vivid and energetic electric blue, adding a dynamic pop of color.
Green Drill Deep and earthy olive green, evoking a sense of adventure and connection to nature.

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Mileage

Type of Mileage Estimated Value Additional Information
Claimed Mileage 22 kmpl Official fuel economy figure provided by Royal Enfield.
Real-World Mileage (City) 18-22 kmpl Varies depending on riding style, traffic conditions, and terrain.
Real-World Mileage (Highway) 23-27 kmpl Varies depending on cruising speed, wind resistance, and road conditions.
Factors Affecting Mileage Riding style, traffic, terrain, weather, weight, maintenance Aggressive riding, stop-and-go traffic, hilly terrain, colder temperatures, heavier loads, and poor maintenance will reduce mileage.

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Price in India-

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Top-Speed

Source Estimated Top Speed Additional Information
Official Estimates Not yet available Royal Enfield hasn’t officially released the Shotgun 650’s top speed.
Media Reviews and Online Sources 160-170 kmph Estimates based on test rides and dyno runs.
Factors Affecting Top Speed Weight, aerodynamic drag, engine power, powertrain losses, tire pressure, wind resistance, road conditions. Actual top speed may vary depending on these factors.

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Features

Feature Category Features
Engine and Performance 648cc air-oil cooled single-cylinder engine, 47.65 PS @ 7250 rpm, 52 Nm @ 5250 rpm, 6-speed gearbox, slipper clutch
Chassis and Suspension Double cradle steel frame, 41mm upside-down forks, twin pre-load adjustable shock absorbers, disc brakes front and rear with dual-channel ABS
Wheels and Tires 19-inch front and 18-inch rear spoked wheels, tubeless tyres
Instruments and Controls Analogue speedometer and tachometer, digital trip meter, fuel gauge, low battery indicator, handlebar-mounted controls
Comfort and Convenience Single seat with pillion option, comfortable riding position, mid-set footpegs, halogen headlight, LED tail light, turn signals
Safety Dual-channel ABS, slipper clutch, hazard lights, engine kill switch

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Specs

Category Specification
Engine 648cc, Air-Oil Cooled, SOHC, Single-Cylinder
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection
Power 47.65 PS @ 7250 rpm
Torque 52 Nm @ 5250 rpm
Transmission 6-Speed Manual with Slipper Clutch
Chassis Double Cradle Steel Frame
Suspension 41mm Upside-Down Forks (Front), Twin Pre-Load Adjustable Shocks (Rear)
Brakes Disc Brakes (Front & Rear) with Dual-Channel ABS
Wheels 19-inch Spoked (Front), 18-inch Spoked (Rear)
Tires Tubeless
Fuel Tank Capacity 13.7 Liters
Seat Height 795mm
Ground Clearance 140mm
Kerb Weight 240kg
Instrument Cluster Analogue Speedometer & Tachometer, Digital Trip Meter, Fuel Gauge, Low Battery Indicator
Headlight Halogen
Tail Light & Turn Signals LED

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 And its Competitors

Feature Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Jawa Perak Zontes GK350 Kawasaki Vulcan S 650
Engine 648cc Air-Oil Cooled Single-Cylinder 648cc Air-Oil Cooled Twin-Cylinder 648cc Air-Oil Cooled Twin-Cylinder 346cc Liquid-Cooled Single-Cylinder 348cc Liquid-Cooled Single-Cylinder 648cc Liquid-Cooled Twin-Cylinder
Power 47.65 PS @ 7250 rpm 47.65 PS @ 7250 rpm 47.65 PS @ 7250 rpm 30.2 PS @ 7500 rpm 35.1 PS @ 7500 rpm 61 PS @ 6600 rpm
Torque 52 Nm @ 5250 rpm 52 Nm @ 5250 rpm 52 Nm @ 5250 rpm 37.1 Nm @ 6000 rpm 37 Nm @ 6000 rpm 63 Nm @ 6600 rpm
Price (Ex-showroom, India) Rs. 3.50 lakhs (Est.) Rs. 3.03 lakhs Rs. 3.19 lakhs Rs. 1.99 lakhs Rs. 3.78 lakhs Rs. 7.10 lakhs
Style Scrambler Modern Classic Cafe Racer Bobber Sport Cruiser Cruiser
Features Tripper Navigation (optional), USB charging (optional), Dual-channel ABS, Slipper clutch Same as Shotgun 650 Same as Shotgun 650, Clip-on handlebars Single seat, Forward-set footpegs, Single exhaust TFT display, LED lighting, Dual-channel ABS Belt drive, Forward-set footpegs, Floorboards

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Pros and Cons

Category Pros Cons
Style and Design • Unique bobber styling with muscular appeal • Limited pillion options, might not be comfortable for long rides
Engine and Performance • Smooth and torquey single-cylinder engine • Lower power compared to some competitors
Features and Technology • Tripper navigation and USB charging available (optional) • Basic instrument cluster, lacks modern features like TFT display
Ride and Handling • Comfortable riding position, easy to maneuver • Not as agile as some smaller cruisers
Value and Practicality • Competitive price compared to other 650cc cruisers • Higher maintenance costs compared to Japanese motorcycles

Why Should You Buy a Royal Enfield Shotgun 650?

Reasons to Buy a Royal Enfield Shotgun 650:

1. Style and Uniqueness:

  • Bold Bobber Design: The Shotgun 650 stands out with its chopped fenders, single seat (pillion option available), and chunky tires, offering a distinct and rebellious aesthetic.
  • High-quality Build: Royal Enfield is known for its robust construction and timeless charm, and the Shotgun 650 carries that legacy forward, promising years of reliable riding.

2. Performance and Ride:

  • Torquey Single-Cylinder Engine: While not the most powerful in its class, the Shotgun 650’s single-cylinder engine delivers ample torque for a smooth and effortless cruising experience.
  • Comfortable Riding Position: The relaxed riding posture with mid-set footpegs allows for comfortable journeys, making it a good choice for both city rides and weekend getaways.
  • Easy Handling: Despite its muscular looks, the Shotgun 650 handles surprisingly well, offering agile maneuvering and confidence-inspiring stability.

3. Value and Practicality:

  • Competitive Price: Compared to other 650cc cruisers, the Shotgun 650 offers a compelling value proposition with its attractive ex-showroom price.
  • Low Maintenance Costs: While higher than some Japanese motorcycles, Royal Enfield’s maintenance costs are generally considered reasonable and readily available through their extensive service network.
  • Customization Potential: The Shotgun 650 offers a wide range of accessories and aftermarket parts for personalization, allowing you to make it your own.

4. Brand and Community:

  • Iconic Legacy: Owning a Royal Enfield brings a sense of belonging to a passionate community that celebrates the brand’s rich heritage and adventurous spirit.
  • Unique Riding Experience: The Shotgun 650 offers a distinctly different experience compared to mainstream cruisers, appealing to riders who seek a raw and authentic motorcycle feel.

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Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 Reviews and Ratings

Source Rating Summary Key Points
ZigWheels 4/5 A compelling cruiser with unique appeal – Praises handsome bobber styling, torquey engine, comfortable ride, and competitive price. – Mentions limited pillion options, basic features, and lower power compared to rivals.
BikeDekho 4/5 A good bike with cool looks and impressive functionality – Appreciates the stylish design, smooth performance, and affordable price. – Notes concerns about single seat, mileage, and maintenance costs.
Autocar India Recommended A promising addition to the cruiser segment – Highlights the Shotgun’s raw appeal, enjoyable riding experience, and potential for customization. – Points out lack of features, limited pillion options, and early launch stage.
MotorBeam 4/5 A worthy contender in the cruiser space – Commends the Shotgun’s distinctive looks, comfortable ride, and engaging engine. – Advises considering the basic features, single seat, and power limitations.
YouTube Reviews Varied (3.5-4.5) Generally positive with some reservations – Most reviewers appreciate the design, ride, and value. – Some raise concerns about features, performance, and pillion practicality.

Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 FAQs

1. When will the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 launch in India?

The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 is expected to launch in India in January 2024.

2. What is the estimated price of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650?

The estimated starting price of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 in India is Rs. 3.50 lakhs (ex-showroom).

3. Are there different variants of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650?

Currently, there is only one single variant of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 available with no additional trim levels. However, a limited edition is available for booking at a slightly higher price.

4. What engine does the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 use?

The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 uses a 648cc BS6 air-oil cooled single-cylinder engine that produces 47.65 PS of power and 52 Nm of torque.

5. What is the mileage of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650?

The claimed mileage of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 is 22 kmpl. However, real-world mileage can vary depending on riding style, traffic conditions, and terrain.

6. What is the top speed of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650?

Official estimates for the top speed of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 are not yet available. Media reviews and online sources estimate it to be between 160-170 kmph.


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