TVS Zeppelin R Price in India, Colors, Mileage, Features, Specs, And Competitors

The upcoming TVS Zeppelin R cruiser motorcycle has generated a lot of buzz and anticipation among motorcycle enthusiasts in India. With its retro-modern styling, powerful engine and premium features, the Zeppelin R aims to shake up the cruiser segment dominated by Royal Enfield.

Though TVS has not officially launched the Zeppelin R yet, they showcased a concept model at the 2018 Auto Expo which gave us a glimpse of what to expect from this cruiser. Let’s take a detailed look at what we know so far about the Price in India, Colors, Mileage, Top Speed, Features, Specs, And Competitors of the upcoming TVS Zeppelin R motorcycle.

TVS Zeppelin R Price in India With Variants

TVS has not officially announced the pricing of the Zeppelin R yet. However, based on the features and positioning, it is expected to be priced between Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 1.8 lakh (ex-showroom).

The Zeppelin R is likely to come in two variants – a base variant and a top-end variant. Here are the expected prices for both variants:

  • Base Variant: Rs. 1.5 lakh (ex-showroom)
  • Top-end Variant: Rs. 1.8 lakh (ex-showroom)

The top-end variant will come loaded with more features and technology compared to the base variant. The final pricing will be key as TVS will aim to undercut Royal Enfield’s Meteor 350 cruiser which is priced at Rs. 1.93 lakh (ex-showroom).

TVS Zeppelin R Price in India
TVS Zeppelin R Price in India

TVS Zeppelin R Prices in All States of India in table

Here are the expected TVS Zeppelin R prices across all states in India:

State Expected Ex-Showroom Price
Andhra Pradesh Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Arunachal Pradesh Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Assam Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Bihar Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Chhattisgarh Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Goa Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Gujarat Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Haryana Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Himachal Pradesh Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Jammu and Kashmir Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Jharkhand Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Karnataka Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Kerala Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Madhya Pradesh Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Maharashtra Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Manipur Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Meghalaya Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Mizoram Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Nagaland Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Odisha Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Punjab Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Rajasthan Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Sikkim Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Telangana Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Tamil Nadu Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Tripura Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Uttar Pradesh Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Uttarakhand Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
West Bengal Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs

And the union territories:

Union Territory Expected Ex-Showroom Price
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Chandigarh Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Daman and Diu Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Jammu and Kashmir Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Lakshadweep Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs
Puducherry Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 lakhs

The final on-road price may vary across states depending on local taxes and registration charges. But the ex-showroom starting price is expected to be around Rs. 1.5 lakhs for the base variant.

TVS Zeppelin R Launch Date in India

The official launch timeline of the TVS Zeppelin R in India is not known yet. The company showcased a concept model at the 2018 Auto Expo, indicating that the motorcycle was under development.

However, there have been no official updates from TVS regarding the Zeppelin R after that. Industry experts predict that TVS is likely to launch the production-spec Zeppelin R by end of 2023 or early 2024.

The launch was probably delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent disruptions. With the situation improving now, 2023 end or early 2024 seems a realistic timeline for the Zeppelin R launch.

TVS would aim to firstly establish their new Apache RR310 HDR flagship motorcycle launching in early 2023, before bringing in the Zeppelin R cruiser. Overall, the long-awaited Zeppelin R is expected on Indian roads within the next 12-15 months.

Why TVS Zeppelin R Hasn’t Been Launched in India Yet?

There are a few factors that have likely contributed to the delayed launch of the TVS Zeppelin R in India:

Pandemic Related Disruptions: The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant disruptions over the last 2 years have hampered product development cycles across automakers. This seems to have delayed the Zeppelin R’s progress too.

Establishing Apache Brand First: TVS’ priority has been to first establish its Apache series of premium motorcycles before foraying into cruisers. The Apache RR310 and Apache RTR series have been gaining strength.

Developing New Platform: The Zeppelin R is expected to use a new 350-400cc twin-cylinder engine and platform developed in-house. Finalizing this new platform properly would have taken time.

Tuning Engine for Torque: As a cruiser, the Zeppelin R requires an engine tuned for strong low and mid-range torque rather than outright power. This torque-biased tuning may have prolonged development.

Testing & Reliability: Being a cruiser, the Zeppelin R has to meet high standards for reliability and everyday use. Extensive real-world testing and validation of the engine would have been undertaken.

Strengthening Dealer Network: TVS has been expanding its premium dealer network in metros and Tier 1 cities where most cruisers are sold. Strengthening this network further may have also led to the delay.

Overall, TVS seems to have taken a patient approach with the Zeppelin R to ensure it delivers the right product for this highly competitive segment. The wait has been long, but it will hopefully be worth it!

TVS Zeppelin R Colors

TVS had showcased the Zeppelin R concept in a dual-tone red and black color scheme. The production-spec model is expected to come in a range of attractive color options.

Here are some of the expected color choices on the TVS Zeppelin R:

  • Fire Red (Glossy)
  • Pearl White
  • Matte Black
  • Matt Blue
  • Matte Gray
  • Glossy Black

The red and white colors will give the Zeppelin R a classic, retro appeal matching its styling. Colors like black, gray and blue will impart a mature and premium feel.

TVS could even offer dual-tone options on the Zeppelin R with a blacked-out engine and wheels paired with red, white or blue main body panels. Special edition colors released later in the lifecycle will keep things fresh.

Overall, buyers can expect a good range of vibrant colors to choose from to match their style on the upcoming Zeppelin R cruiser. The colors will complement its muscular styling and strong street presence.

TVS Zeppelin R Mileage

The TVS Zeppelin R is expected to deliver a mileage of around 35-40 kmpl as per early estimates.

The mileage will be derived from the new 350-400cc twin-cylinder engine that does duty on the motorcycle. Tuned for strong low and mid-range torque, the engine should offer usable performance without compromising fuel efficiency by much.

Several factors are expected to aid the Zeppelin R’s mileage:

  • Lightweight chasis: The double-cradle frame chassis will be lightweight to keep the overall weight low. This will enhance fuel efficiency.
  • ** shorter gearing:** The cruiser-style gearing will be tuned for strong acceleration. Shorter gears mean the engine will work less through the rev range – improving mileage.
  • Fuel injection: Modern fuel injection system will precisely control fuel delivery for higher efficiency while meeting emission norms.
  • Engine start-stop: The start-stop tech will automatically switch off the engine during idling to save fuel.
  • Oil-cooling: The oil-cooling for the engine will reduce friction and enhance mileage compared to a liquid-cooling system.

A real-world mileage of around 35 kmpl can be expected from the Zeppelin R for city commuting. Out on highways at steady speeds, the mileage will stretch up to 40 kmpl. This will give it an edge over Royal Enfield cruisers.

TVS Zeppelin R Top Speed

The upcoming Zeppelin R cruiser from TVS is expected to have a top speed of around 130-140 kmph.

This top speed range will be achieved via the new 350-400cc twin-cylinder engine powering the motorcycle. Though the engine will be tuned primarily for torque, it should still offer around 25-30 BHP – enough for cruising at highway speeds.

Some factors that influence the Zeppelin R’s expected top speed:

  • Lightweight chassis & body: The lightweight construction will give it a good power-to-weight ratio.
  • Aerodynamics: The styling with headlight fairing and stubby windscreen will provide some aero benefits.
  • Shorter gearing: Shorter cruiser gearing will allow the engine to quickly wind up to higher speeds before hitting the redline.
  • Engine tuning: The engine will be tuned to offer usable performance across the rev range.
  • Fat rear tire: The wider rear tire may limit outright top speed slightly but aid acceleration.
  • Rider & pillion weight: Heavier rider and pillion load will bring down the top speed slightly.

On solo rides, the Zeppelin R should max out around 140 kmph. With a pillion, the top speed will be reduced marginally to around 130-135 kmph – still enough for highway cruising. This will make it one of the fastest accelerating cruisers compared to rivals.

TVS Zeppelin R Features

Here are some of the expected key features on the upcoming TVS Zeppelin R:

Feature Availability
Full LED lighting Yes
Digital console Yes
Twin pod Instrument cluster Expected
Tripper Navigation Likely
Cruise control Likely
Alloy wheels Yes
Wide rear tire Yes
Front disc brake Yes
Rear disc brake Yes
Dual channel ABS Yes
USB charger Expected
Engine kill switch Yes
Dual-tone colors Expected

Other Expected Features:

  • Retro styling with modern touches
  • Twin-barrel exhaust
  • Chrome accents
  • LED turn indicators
  • Hazard lights
  • Brushed aluminum finishes
  • SmartXonnect system
  • Rain/Marshal mode
  • Gear position indicator
  • LED turn indicators
  • Engine covers
  • Tubeless tyres

The Zeppelin R will come loaded with a range of modern features along with old-school styling. This will give riders the best of both worlds – a retro appeal mixed with the latest tech and premium touches.

TVS Zeppelin R Specs

Here are the rumored TVS Zeppelin R specifications:

Dimensions & Weight

  • Kerb Weight: 200 kg (estd)
  • Length: 2150 mm
  • Width: 850 mm
  • Height: 1150 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 150 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1500 mm
  • Seat Height: 750 mm


  • Displacement: 350-400cc
  • Cylinders: Twin
  • Valves: 4 valves, SOHC
  • Power: 25-30 BHP (estd)
  • Torque: 32-35 Nm (estd)
  • Cooling: Oil & air
  • Ignition: TLI – Transistorized Lead Ignition


  • Transmission: 5 Speed constant mesh
  • Clutch: Wet multiplate

Chassis & Suspension

  • Frame: Double cradle
  • Front Suspension: Telescopic
  • Rear Suspension: Twin hydraulic shock absorbers

Brakes & Tyres

  • Front Brake: 300mm Disc
  • Rear Brake: 240mm Disc
  • Front Tyre: 18-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels
  • Rear Tyre: 15-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels


  • Instrument Cluster: Fully digital console
  • Battery: 12V maintenance free

The twin-cylinder engine tuned for torque, lightweight chassis and 150 kg weight will give the Zeppelin R brisk performance and nimble handling – making it a fun and stylish cruiser.

Detailed Comparison of the TVS Zeppelin R And its Competitors

Here is a detailed comparison of the expected specs and features of the TVS Zeppelin R versus its likely competitors – Royal Enfield Meteor 350 and Honda H’ness CB350:

Specifications TVS Zeppelin R Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Honda H’ness CB350
Engine 350-400cc Twin Cylinder 349cc Single Cylinder 348.36cc Single Cylinder
Power 25-30 BHP 20.2 BHP 20.78 BHP
Torque 32-35 Nm 27 Nm 30 Nm
Transmission 5-Speed 5-Speed 5-Speed
Mileage 35-40 kmpl 40-45 kmpl 45 kmpl
Top Speed 130-140 kmph 120 kmph 130 kmph
Height 1150 mm 1140 mm 1112 mm
Length 2150 mm 2140 mm 2163 mm
Seat height 750 mm 765 mm 800 mm
Weight 200 kg estd. 191 kg 181 kg
Tyres Alloy Wheels Spoked Wheels Alloy Wheels
ABS Dual-Channel Single-Channel Dual-Channel
Brakes Disc Brakes Disc Brakes Disc Brakes
Suspension Telescopic Fork (F) Twin Tube Shock (R) Telescopic Fork (F) Twin Tube Shock (R) Telescopic Fork (F) Twin Tube Shock (R)
Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 1.5 – 1.8 Lakhs (estd) Rs. 1.93 Lakhs Rs. 1.9 Lakhs
Cruise Control Expected No No
Navigation Expected Yes No
LED Headlamp Yes Yes Yes
Smart Connectivity Expected No Honda Smart App
Tubeless Tyres Yes Yes Yes

Summary: The Zeppelin R beats the Meteor 350 and CB350 on power, features and styling while undercutting them on pricing. But Royal Enfield and Honda are sure to counter with competitive pricing and their own updates. Overall, the Zeppelin R looks well-equipped to shake up the cruiser segment when it finally launches.

TVS Zeppelin R Accessories

  • Engine Guard – Provides added protection for engine components
  • Crash Guard – Protects the motorcycle’s body in case of a fall
  • Panniers – For extra luggage carrying capacity during tours
  • Touring Windscreen
  • Smartphone Mount – To navigate or play music on the go
  • USB Charger – To charge devices on rides
  • Seat Covers – For added comfort and customization
  • Tank Pad – Protects fuel tank from scratches
  • Bar End Mirrors – For enhanced rear view
  • Mobile Charging Kit – Charges phone on the go

TVS Zeppelin R Pros and Cons


  • Powerful 350-400cc twin cylinder engine
  • Premium fit & finish levels
  • Modern styling with retro design cues
  • Feature loaded with LED lighting, digital console etc.
  • Expected competitive pricing vs rivals
  • Good highway cruising abilities
  • Composed ride quality
  • Strong brand value of TVS Motor Company


  • Unproven long term reliability vs Enfield
  • Unknown service support in small towns
  • Overweight compared to rivals
  • Stiff competition from RE and Honda

Why Should You Buy TVS Zeppelin R?

There are several good reasons to consider the upcoming Zeppelin R cruiser from TVS:

  • Powerful Engine: The 350-400cc twin cylinder motor will offer brisk acceleration and high speed cruising capabilities – better than rivals.
  • Smooth Ride: The long wheelbase paired with telescopic forks and twin tube shocks will deliver stability over uneven roads.
  • Premium Features: First-in-segment features like LED lighting, digital console, navigation pod etc make it high on value.
  • Attractive Pricing: Expected pricing is lower than competing Enfield and Honda models. Superb VFM proposition.
  • Modern Styling: Contemporary design with retro styling elements stands out from vintage looks of rivals. Appeals to youth.
  • ** Strong Dealer Network:** TVS has been ramping up its premium dealership network to ensure good customer experience.
  • After-Sales Support: TVS service support is widespread even in small towns – an advantage over niche players like Enfield.
  • Brand Trust: TVS is a reputable brand known for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction across products.

TVS Zeppelin R Reviews and Ratings

As the Zeppelin R is still not launched officially, there are no reviews or ratings available for it yet. However, based on the concept and expected specs, here is what the initial reviews and ratings may focus on:

Reviews Highlights:

  • Powerful and responsive twin cylinder engine
  • Comfortable ride quality over bumpy roads
  • Sporty exhaust note adds to the cruiser appeal
  • Nimble handling despite bulky appearance
  • Feature rich package for the price
  • Needs wider dealer network like Enfield
  • Stiff seat becomes uncomfortable over long rides

Expected Ratings:

Mileage: 4/5 Performance: 4.5/5
Comfort: 3.5/5 Features: 4/5 Value: 4.5/5 Styling: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

The Zeppelin R is expected to get positive reviews for its performance, styling and value. The ride quality and handling will also be appreciated despite its cruiser ergonomics. Most reviews will likely rate it high on value-for-money.

TVS Zeppelin R FAQs

Q. What is the launch date of TVS Zeppelin R?

A. The official launch timeline is not known yet, but it is expected by end 2023 or early 2024.

Q. What is price of TVS Zeppelin R?

A. Estimated starting ex-showroom price is Rs. 1.5 lakhs for base variant.

Q. What are the specs of Zeppelin R?

A. It is powered by a 350-400cc twin cylinder engine. Delivers around 25-30 BHP and 32-35 Nm torque. Has a 5-speed gearbox.

Q. What features does it have?

A. Some key features include LED lighting, digital console, dual-channel ABS, alloy wheels, USB charger etc.

Q. Will the Zeppelin R come with navigation system?

A. Yes, it is expected to get a navigation pod similar to the Apache RR310 to display turn-by-turn directions.

Q. What is the fuel tank capacity?

A. Details not known yet, but expected to be around 12-14 liters.

Q. What is the seat height of Zeppelin R?

A. Seat height is estimated to be around 750 mm, accessible for most riders.

Q. Will there be accessories & customization options?

A. Yes, TVS is expected to offer a range of official accessories and customization options for buyers to personalize their Zeppelin R.


The upcoming TVS Zeppelin R has all the makings of being a strong challenger in the cruiser segment long dominated by Royal Enfield. It combines retro design and modern performance in one appealing package. The powerful 350-400cc engine, competitive pricing and feature loaded experience makes the Zeppelin R a compelling proposition for riding enthusiasts. If TVS manages to match the sales and service network of Enfield, the Zeppelin R could prove to be a game changer when it launches.


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